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There are many aspects of motherhood that I am certainly not the greatest at. Cooking? Organization? Laundry? Nope. Keeping my house clean? Try again! And while I am striving to become better in these areas, I try to keep in mind when I fail that these are not my ultimate purpose as a mother. However, there is one task — one responsibility — I have been commissioned with that I want to be sure not to fail at.

Leading my kids to Jesus.

While I'm not much for housework, I do love to teach my kids. I can take or leave history sentences, multiplication tables, and english grammar, but I love to teach my kids the gospel. I long for my kids to be able to say one day that I gave them ample opportunities to believe in Jesus and that I continued to point them to Jesus throughout their childhood.

Unfortunately, I have found that the days which should be most about Jesus, namely Easter and Christmas, are crowded out with many other things — good things like family (and good eats!) — but not Jesus-things.

If I am not careful, my children will grow up experiencing Easter as a sugar-filled day with fun activities and family dinner; they will get a new dress or pastel tie, a pretty basket, and probably a few cavities.

But no Jesus.

Find More Jesus

So in my efforts to keep the gospel at the center of our family traditions, I created Find More Jesus: How to Make Easter All About Jesus. This e-guide is an easy — yet incredibly meaningful — Easter plan sure to point your children to real meaning of Easter.

Each day includes:

  • Short daily Bible reading.
  • Corresponding simple egg-activity.
  • Suggested prayer time.
  • Personal focus point for you to chat about with your family.

A supplies list (items you probably already have around the house) and thoughts on the Easter bunny from a Christian worldview are also included.

Hop on over to get your own copy today, and be sure to check out our Facebook page, where the Find More Jesus community will be sharing their Easter celebrations along the way.

My hope is that Find More Jesus will make your Easter season intentionally Christ-centered AND easy.


What do you have planned to help your kids find more Jesus this Easter? Let us know in the comments!


facephoto Grace-clinger. Truth-speaker. Pastor’s wife. Mommy of three. Auburn fan.

Katie Orr loves to equip others to walk with God, and does so as the HelloMornings challenge director and through the new HelloMornings blog. She also founded Do Not Depart and is a regular contributor at Inspired to Action.

Through her speaking and writing ministries, she is honored to teach others how to hear from God through His Word. She is the co-author of Savoring Living Water: How to Have an Effective Quiet Time and the Quench Bible Study series, and is the author of the Focused15 Bible study series.

You can learn more about Katie at, and you can always find her hanging out on Twitter

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