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20 Quick Energy Boosters for Moms

quickenergyboosters Moms, we have a big job. No, a HUGE job.

And as much as some of us don't want to admit it, the truth is that all moms know it-

sometimes we get tired.

As a work-at-home mom to 7, today I wanted to give you 20 ways to boost your energy.  Sometimes, we just need a little boost to keep going and time alone other than the bathroom isn't anywhere close to happening. (ok, even then you might get a knock on the door.)

For those days, a quick pick-me-up can make an incredible impact. So choose one or two and renew your attitude to keep going!

1. Eat a small, healthy snack. Maybe a granola bar or apple is just the thing to keep you going until dinner.

2. Phone a friend. Even if you have to leave a message, just encouraging someone else that you were thinking of them will encourage you also.

3. Slow down for an afternoon cup of tea or coffee.  Take 5 minutes to sit down and enjoy it without reflecting on anything.

4. Make a list of 5 things for which you are thankful. After making the list, take 2 or 3 minutes to thank God for them.

5. Stop to read a few verses of Scripture. Here is a list of 12 verses for when you feel like giving up that might be just the thing!

6. Do 5 minutes of physical exercise. Run up and down the steps or take a quick walk around the block just to clear your head.

7. Add some extra protein to your lunch- peanut butter, cheese or a yogurt smoothie would all be great choices.

8. Try a small variation on an old, well-loved recipe.

9. Give yourself a time-out. And time it! 3 minutes of sitting on the couch with your eyes closed can do wonders.

10. Pray! I've found so many times when I simply stop and ask my Heavenly Father for strength- He provides!

11. Stop to do a few minutes of a creative activity you enjoy. For me, this is plopping down on the piano bench to play a song.  Maybe for you, it is picking up the knitting needles for a bit. Set the timer and relax for the minutes you can.

12. Put your phone in a timeout. If continually texting or answering voicemail is stressful, control when you take care of it; don't let it control you.

13. Pause and drink a full glass of water.  Many times when we are not hydrated well, our energy lacks and we feel weak, both physically and mentally.

14. Anticipation alone can often provide a small boost of energy.  Think for a few minutes about an upcoming event on the calendar for which you are excited.

15. Take the courage to cancel an engagement when rest is needed.  While hard, sometimes knowing our agenda has been shortened can be a great energy-booster!

16. Breathe in a little energy by burning a candle or oils.  I love to clean house with citrus cleaners because lemon and orange are natural energizing scents!

17. Enter a no-screen period of time. As a work-at-home mom, 10 minutes away from the computer is often the most energizing thing I can do to refocus and renew my energy.

18. Wash your hands and apply cream.  This is relaxing AND energizing!

19. Do one small thing you've been procrastinating.  Small victories can be invigorating.

20. Schedule a personal care appointment that you know you need to do. This could be with the doctor, cosmetologist, dentist…doesn't matter. The point is that you are being purposeful about taking care of yourself and this fact should be energizing.

No matter the energy booster you choose, know that God is your strength and He chose you specifically for the wonderful position of being a mom. You can do it!

Would you share your energizing secrets with us?

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