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How to Save Money and Eat REAL Food {Covenant Ranch Trucking LLC}

Hi, my name is Jeanette Wood. My husband, Joseph, and I operate Covenant Ranch Trucking LLC, along with our 11 children. If you're interested in saving money and eating Real Food then we just might be of interest to you. In 2010 our family started hauling organic and natural food for Azure Standard t 14 of the Midwest states. Azure Standard has been in business for over 26 years serving others with the finest in service and food products. Azure offers a variety of bulk items as well as single items you an purchase. To learn more about Azure Standard please visit: You can learn more about the history of Azure Standard HERE.   Produce, frozen food, and pantry items all make their way across the states, right into your very own community. We love working with families who are just learning of Azure or wanting to develop a drop in their community. No town is too small for us to come to delivery too. If there is enough interest , we're willing to bring you your groceries each and every month. To learn more about the Wood family please visit us at:


Our family lives in Topeka, KS on 16 acres where we enjoy fresh air and farm life. We have multiple fruit trees, a growing garden, and many livestock to tend to each day. We have been home educating our children for the last 19 years. Joe, my husband has driven truck for 28years; he is the owner of Covenant Ranch Trucking LLC. and I tend to the endless paperwork and recordkeeping that owning a trucking company requires. I also helps develop new routes, set up drops and any other customer service needs that might come up. Several of the children go with Joe to help unlaod the truck making multiple stops across the Midwest. Bethany, Joe’s second oldest daughter, helps in the office with phone calls, emails and customer assistance. You will find many photos of our family on the site however, above is our most recent family photo that includes my parents who will be living on the farm with them in the near future.

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Because of His Great Love, Mrs. Joseph Wood

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