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The Joy Of Gift Giving

Colored lights sparkle against the dark night sky, trimming homes like gum drops on a gingerbread house.  The air is cool and crisp, whipping about as if it is on the same journey as I am, to see as many decorated houses as it can.  The contrast of a cup of hot chocolate warms my hands and keeps my heart content.  The Christmas season has always been one of my favorite times of the year.  The uniqueness of its celebratory nature fills my heart with so much joy. This Christmas season is a special one for me as I get to share it for the first time with my child.  My son was born just a few weeks ago and I am so blessed to have him here for Christmas.  Although he is young, I won’t hesitate to show him the sparkling lights, to let the cool air reach his cheeks, and to share with him the reason why we celebrate Christmas.  We may not be able to have a conversation about the decorations, the tree, the goodness of eggnog, or anything else that is particularly seasonal to Christmas, but he can hear my voice and my husband’s voice as we tell him all about it.

There is a special part of Christmas that my husband and I also want to teach our son... the joy of gift giving.  Of course we want our son to have a heart of giving in every season, whenever God inspires him to give, but there is something special about giving gifts during the Christmas holiday.  Whether we give randomly to a another on the street or give a personal gift to a family member, we desire to establish a heart of giving!  Gift giving is a tradition that will always be a significant part of celebrating Christmas and I am thrilled to teach our son how it is done!

I love Christmas and I am so excited to share this Christmas with my husband and son.  I am a blessed woman, wife, and mother.  I am praying for the people we will be giving gifts to this year, hoping that God uses us to bless them in an extraordinary way.

What are your favorite things about Christmas?

What Christmas traditions have you and your husband enjoyed sharing with your children?

- Jennifer Smith

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