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Giving For the Gospel

God has given us an incredible privilege. He's given us an extreme advantage that we simply can't help but take for granted. When you grow up in the richness of a nation and culture and know nothing outside of variety and needs immediately met, it is really hard to think outside that scope. It is really hard to believe that there are literally millions of people who are not living in the land of milk and honey, who are at an extreme disadvantage in many ways.

It is hard for us, who have everything we need so many times over to wrap our minds around the great needs that so many people face. I am so thankful for ministries, such as Gospel for Asia, who can bring that reality right in front of our eyes through pictures, stories, video, and testimonies.

Believe me friends, I understand how hard this is. And it's so easy to forget. Because after reading the hard life of a family in Asia, I can cry, and feel sorry for them, and maybe even give once and then go back to my life as it is. But that family? That family continues on in a state of poverty; in a state of not knowing the Gospel because no one there has ever heard the name "Jesus" before.

They go back to living desperate lives. Desperate. They face real sickness and disease and I complain of my children having colds. They face discrimination as they are deemed "untouchable" due to cultural class, and unable to find work as a result.

Food and clothing and medical are but a beginning. Taking care of impoverished people physically is but a beginning, but how about spiritually?

Throughout the Gospels, Jesus met the most immediate needs of the people,  both physical and spiritual.

We are entering a season where Christ is often forgotten at His own celebration. I know, we see it everywhere now: "Let's put Christ back into CHRISTmas"; "He is the reason for the season".

To celebrate and remember Christ, is not being "hearers of the Word only", but by being "doers of the Word". (James 1:22).

Let us give gifts to Christ for Christmas, too. How do we do this in a tangible way? By giving to the least of these. (Read Matthew 10:34-40)

Please understand, money is not the only way to give and sometimes it does take a sacrifice and a step of faith.

But prayer is also a very important need in the lives of those living in poverty--both physically and spiritually. Never underestimate the power of intercessory prayer.

Consider with me, today, those in need of Christ? Join me in helping to bring hope to those who feel hopeless? Consider why we have been blessed with so much.

I don't want to forget what Christmas is--not only in word, but in deed.

See here how a simple sewing machine transformed an entire village.

Joy in Christ,

Christin, Joyful Mothering

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