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Dancing With My Father Book Club {Chapter 1}

Today we begin our journey through the book "Dancing With My Father" by Sally Clarkson and our first book club here at The Better Mom! Every Tuesday and Thursday we will share on Mom Heart and here at The Better Mom our thoughts and questions with you.  Today Misty from Mom Heart begins.... I found a spot near the back of the packed room, trying to blend into the crowd filling rows of chairs. I’d come in late as usual, having driven across town during rush hour to join my church family.

A week earlier, I’d packed six children into my truck, along with suitcases packed to bursting and a few bags of snacks, prepared as we could be with a four hour notice for a day-long drive across the country. Dreams lay in shards around us where we were and it seemed the only answer was to get back to what was familiar as quickly as possible, to try to find comfort in home and friends and family.

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