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Family Mega Card Tutorial

So what do you do when you have several children who want to lavish a loved one with cards, colored pictures and maybe a photo or two? Rather than bombarding family and friends with multiple cards, we began assembling these file folder lap-packs several years ago to make one Family Mega card. You can use a variety of scrapbook supplies, coloring books, Scripture Motto books, photographs, or let your imagination run wild!

The children recently made this one for their Grandpa's birthday.

Begin with 2 letter size file folders (they make these in various colors!). Cut the uneven edge off one to measure 8". Open the other and fold each side toward the middle (this is called a "shutter fold"). If you plan to use a button to close the card, NOW is the time to sew it on! I used several strands of embroidery floss to sew on the large button and to attach the ribbon.


 Glue the cut folder to the inside of one of the "shutters". Glue cards, photos and/or letters inside and decorate each page and the cover. Fun!




Here's our finished Mega Family card for Papa:

Flap opens to reveal Isaac's card
 Isaac's card opened to reveal a beautiful color-by-number!
On the left: Top~ from Destiny; Bottom~ Sam
Sam's Scripture Motto card opened.
A coloring picture from 5 year old Destiny.
Turn the folder page to reveal cards from Corrie (left),MacKenzie (top right)  & Stephanie.
Corrie & MacKenzie's cards opened. Steph's is a more traditional card with a message inside.
Beautiful Scripture Mottos colored & laminated by Haley (top) & Emily (bottom).

These can be removed from the book.

Finished card with decorated envelope!

P.S. He loved it!

Other ideas for this type of card:

 Family Mega Christmas Card!

 Family Mega Get Well Card or Welcome New Baby; Mother's Day, Father's Day, or Grandparent's Day.

Which card will you most likely make with your children?


Blessings, Cheryl

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