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Live Intentionally, Love Generously, Laugh Frequently

There are no promises from God that if we are good parents our children will turn out to be Godly.

How many of us live in the constant balancing act of desperately trying to be the perfect parent so that our kids will be the perfect children and then turn out to be the perfect adults?  {*raising hand*} Yes I get caught in that trap too!  I think most of us probably need to take a step back, a deep breath, and rest in the promise that God. Is. In. Control.  I (the mom) am not.  Oh how I deeply wish I could orchestrate every move so that my child would love God with a fire and a passion, serving Him with his/her whole life, but I can’t.

Now this doesn’t mean that we aren’t called to intentionally parent our children in the very best way that we can, with the Lord’s strength.  As my sweet friend Joy Forney says, “I will pour myself into this task of discipling and shepherding my children. I will not waste this precious time that has been given to me. I will forsake the “good” to have time for the BEST and not worry what others may think.” I also love how Sally Clarkson simply states our calling.  She says, “God has granted me a portion to be a good steward over”.

There are three simple words that I have seen time and time again on signs, cards, and screens (and you probably have too ;)). Live, Laugh, Love.  I think those words can be a great reminder for us as moms as we raise our children.

Moms will you commit with me today to:

Live Intentionally – The moments pass by at an alarming rate and before we know it our children are adults.  Don’t miss this precious time you have to pour your heart out raising your children.  Spend time with them. Talk to them. Teach them. They are your disciples.

Love Generously – Don’t hold back. Hug them and use your words to encourage and edify them. The love you lavish on your children will be remembered and lived out for a lifetime.

Laugh Frequently – Life as a mom is overwhelming many times, but truth be told most of us need to lighten up and loosen up.  Don’t forget to laugh and have fun with your children.  As our family rules poster says, “Have fun. Sing silly. Dance crazy.”

Each day we make deposits into the memory banks of our children. –Chuck Swindoll

What will your children remember and who will they be?  Ultimately it is out of your hands so you must rest in that grace.  But for now be intentional. Stop worrying about what will become and just be.  Will you join me and commit to Live Intentionally, Love Generously, and Laugh Frequently?

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