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Goodbye School, Hello Summer!

It is just about that time, friends! School is almost over and the summer is ready to begin! What better way to make the transition than with a fun party?! Yet, we are all busy moms and there isn't a lot of time or energy to put into planning something special. If you are anything like me, I have the best of intentions, but I often get overwhelmed by the planning and organizing of a fun memory. So, here is my simple, no-guilt list of ideas that are easy and fun. They are intentionally low-stress, so you can enjoy your family and friends!

1. A S'mores Party-Simply start a fire, bring out the fixins, and let everyone sit around and chat!

Source: via Joy on Pinterest

 2. An Outdoor Tea- Make some scones, cut up some fruit, pour the lemonade, and sit out and enjoy the nice weather!

3. An Ice Cream Social-invite friends, have everyone bring their favorite topping, and you provide the ice cream and cones!


                                                                                                                                        Source: via Joy on Pinterest


4. Family Pizza Party- Invite families over and ask each one to bring their favorite pizza.  Make a big salad, chill some drinks, set up some tables outside and you are ready to go!

Making a memory shouldn't be something that you or your kids look back on with stress or regret.  So, let the expectations go, invite some friends over, and enjoy yourself! I dare you!!

Now, I want to hear your best ideas for a low stress way to make a summer memory!

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