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Ladies, it's time to go from Frumps to Pumps!!

Back in October I had a guest post from Sarah Mae with a challenge for those of us that were feeling a little frumptastic!   Well so many women joined in on her challenge that she has now created a one-month motivotional  to getting dressed and staying that way!  Listen to her talk about her new ebook below.

Frumps to Pumps is a one-month motivotional (motivation + devotional) that uncovers some of the reasons why we stay frumpy, and than encourages us through scripture and fun challenges to get out of the frumps and into some pumps!

Here is a little info about the author: Sarah Mae

Sarah Mae is the author of several eBooks, and the soon-to-be published of author of two books, Desperate (Thomas Nelson) and Having a Martha House the Mary Way (Tyndale). She is the owner of the community site and the co-host of the national Christian women’s social media conference, Allume Social.

Sarah Mae spends her days home-making, home-educating, writing, and drinking salted caramel mochas. Her family embraces life in the beautiful Amish country-side of Pennsylvania.

I just love the whole idea behind Frumps to Pumps.  How many of us slouch around in our "comfy clothes" and feel frumpy all day?  I know I do more times than I would like.  The plain truth is that when I get dressed and ready to go I am more productive.  I feel much better because at any moment I am ready to walk out the door or greet someone that stops by. Frumps to Pumps takes it a step further, and really dives in to the reasons why we tend to love our frumpiness and encourages us through devotion and motivation to make a change!  I am ready for this!  Lets spend the next 30 days sharing this journey together.  I am starting tomorrow (Wednesday, March 14th).  As I journey through this motivotional I will share and ask questions on our facebook page.  Care to join me???

Let’s do this.

Download the PDF (instant digital download) for only $4.99


Get it on your Kindle or Nook for only $4.99


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ALSO...  Sarah Mae is giving away a $500 shopping spree to Target on her blog today for the launch. Make sure you visit her at Stretching Into Blue and enter to win!

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