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Summer Boredom Busters for Kids

The Boredom Buster Jar!

I was so excited to discover on The Happy Housewife  a free download of ideas for when your children are bored!!!

We printed out the download, my son cut the pieces and folded them and now our jar is ready to go! The next time they say they are bored - they will choose an idea from the jar and that is what they will do for the next 30 minutes!

Busy hands and busy minds keep children out of trouble!

Here's some of the other things we love to do every summer. Take note: there are NO crafts...I'm terrible at crafts. I feel badly about this - just being honest. If you are a crafty mom - I think my daughter would like to move in with you lol!

Washing Bikes

Our very fancy backyard pool lol! I told my husband when I lay on that raft and close my eyes - I can't even tell that I'm not in some huge fancy in ground pool! I love this! And it's fun to spin the kids on too!

Making bouquets from the flowers around our house!
School work at Starbucks!

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The zoo! I love looking at God's creation - so do the children!
Our Doodle books! These are SO much fun!
Doodling outside!
The slip and slide!
Nerf Gun Wars
Play dates
Friends lined up to go down the slip-n-slide!
Summer Vacation Bible School ( we'll be headed here in July!)

The Library and reading outside! This is my favorite!

Have a GREAT summer with your kids! Remember how quickly it goes - savor the moments and enjoy your children!

Please feel free to share in the comment section some of your boredom busters!

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