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Why it is important to teach kids the Bible and a PERFECT gift to help!!

Guess what???  I found the greatest DVD series that will walk your kids straight through the Bible!! So I invited them to join us here at The Better Mom, and I thought who better to introduce them, then the star of the show.  Please welcome Buck Denver....

I  also had the privilege of interviewing the creator of this great new series, Phil Vischer.  Phil is the creator of VeggieTales, and is now the creator of this new series called What's In The Bible?!  He speaks so clearly here to moms on the extreme importance of teaching our children the Bible.   Here is my interview with him:

Hi Phil! Thank you so much for taking the time to answer a few questions for all of us here at The Better Mom!  You are the author and creator of a new ministry called, What's in the Bible?.  It is a video ministry designed to help teach children the Bible.  I would love to find out a little more about this new video series for kids, and your mission behind it.

1. Most people know you as the creator of Veggie Tales.  How has What's in the Bible? been a different creation or mission for you?

I lost VeggieTales in bankruptcy in 2003, which, while being painful, turned into an amazing blessing as God gave me the time and space to just rest in Him for a few months - to get off the "vegetable treadmill" I had been on the prior 13 or 14 years.  And once I had that time and space, a strange thought occurred to me:  Did I just spend the last decade trying to convince kids to behave "Christianly," without actually teaching them Christianity?

VeggieTales was a great way to introduce specific Christian values or specific Bible stories, but it wasn't a good format for explaining tricky concepts like "redemption" and "sanctification," or walking kids all the way through the Bible.  I suddenly realized my work was far from done.  We needed to do more than pass on our values - we needed to pass on our faith.  Every bit of it.  And thus began a new adventure!

2. Do you sense that children growing up in churches and even Christian homes are learning less of the Bible than in the past? If so, what would you contribute this trend to?

Christian colleges report that incoming freshmen know less and less about the Bible, a trend they've seen for the last 20 years or so.  Even among kids who have grown up in the church.  Jay Leno has fun asking people on the street basic Bible questions, and then laughing when they don't have a clue.  But when our church-raised kids don't have a clue, it isn't funny any more.  Some Christian traditions have the tradition of catechism, where kids are brought through a very organized effort to learn the basics of the faith.  Most evangelical churches don't have that tradition, though, so what our kids pick up is a little random - dependent on the Sunday School curriculum or even the specific teacher.  With "What's in the Bible?" we're really hoping to provide a resource that teaches all the basics of our faith - sort of a "catechism" for the evangelical world, if you will.

3.  What do you hope children and families take away from this ministry?

A very clear, life-changing understanding of all the basics of our faith.  What is the Bible?  Where did it come from?  Why do we say it's so important?  And what difference does it make in my life?  It's Christianity 101 for the whole family to enjoy together.  As if the Muppets went to seminary, came back, and decided to teach it to all of us.  What Sesame Street did for literacy, we hope to do for biblical literacy - to help raise a generation of Christians who know what they believe, and know what it looks like to live out that belief in front of a watching world.

4.  What resources are available for families or churches?

For families we have the DVD series - which is a great way to just sit down in front of the TV with your kids and have a great, shared experience walking through God's Word.  For churches we've developed a full curriculum that uses video clips from the DVDs, but expands on each topic to give churches all the tools they need for a full Sunday School curriculum.  We're discovering churches are really hungry for something like this - both engaging, and theologically rich.  There really hasn't been anything quite like this before.  If you haven't seen it yet, for heaven's sake, check it out!

Thank you Phil for your time, and for challenging us to rise up and raise children who are seeking the Lord, by learning His word first.  After that interview I am hoping that every mom sees the importance of teaching our children what the Bible says.  We have the PERFECT gift idea!!!

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