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When Social Media Hurts Parenting

Social Media has been good to me. God has brought many exciting opportunities my way over the last three years because of Social Media. It provides me with an outlet for ministering to women, making some extra money for my family, and sharing my life with other like-minded women. But the last few months I've had trouble with my mornings. Two months of morning sickness, a case of vertigo, a miscarriage, and recovery, have slowed me down. But they've also allowed this weary mom the opportunity to do some deep thinking about the way I've allowed Social Media to effect the way I parent my children.


Getting our boys going with happy hearts in the morning has turned into a MAJOR chore (it was hard before too...our boys struggle with being good at meals) and it doesn't help that the hours Mama keeps have flip flopped as well. Part of my therapy during the last few months has been to dive into a world other than my own through an eight-book fiction series. I'm not done with it (two to go!), but I need to put it down for a season too. Late nights and late mornings just bring bad attitudes at our house.

I've prayed about what to do, but if I'm honest I've known the answer the whole time. I need to go to bed early, get up early, write for a couple of hours in the morning, and then shut my computer before the siren songs of Twitter and Facebook pull me into the zone. When I sit down to breakfast with Facebook and Twitter in front of me--blog links to post, people to tweet--I get irritated faster, respond slowly, let my boys get away with murder, and generally make them feel like mom is completely out of touch.

It's no wonder they don't listen to me when I talk. I've made a habit of ignoring them.

It starts our entire day off wrong.

So I'm making some changes, and I'm inviting you to join me.

  • I'm going to bed every night as close to 10PM as possible to ensure a good night's sleep (a rested mom is a better mom).
  • I'm getting up early every morning to re-establish my consistent quiet time and write for my blogs.
  • I'm limiting my time on Facebook, Twitter, or any other form of Social Media to five minutes in the morning AFTER my quiet time and BEFORE my boys get out of bed. If they get up before I'm finished, it waits until we're done with school for the day.
  • I will lead my children in life-giving discussion at the breakfast table, investing in the mornings without the distraction of the computer

My purpose? To be fully present with my children in the morning. To greet them, love them, and help them learn to start their day off right.

The benefits? Children who feel loved and cared for (listened to?) and an opportunity to trust God for the life and well-being of the ministries He's given me.

"When the back that won't be little long needs scratching, I leave my dreams at the computer screen and scratch. When the little mind soaking up the world around him needs mommy to help him sound out the words, I lay down my dreams and rejoice in his victories. When that sweet little voice says, "Mommy, come be with me," I close down Twitter and walk away from my dreams and into the world of his. When the bigger man in my life needs someone to talk to, love, laugh with, I click save and walk away...

Because my dreams are bigger than just writing, and my life's mission is more than a book."

~Notes to Aspiring Writers: Your Dream, God's Plan (enjoy this free PDF download)

Who's with me?


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