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Is the Grass Greener In Other Marriages?

Sometimes we are tempted to think the grass is greener in other marriages. We imagine that someone has something better than what we have and we want it. We can't see the dirt from our side angle. And possibly it's super green in the front yard where people see but in the back yard it's filled with dead spots that are hidden from acquaintances.

To be honest, 2 summers ago, the neighbors on both sides of us literally had  greener grass. They both have in ground sprinklers and spent time tending to their yards. Their yards looked gorgeous. Ours on the other hand, was a bit burnt out by the sun. While we mowed and fertilized, it was clear that we had not spent any time putting sprinklers out to water it. My husband and I laughed and said - "the only green part of our lawn is where the neighbors sprinkler has actually sprayed over onto our yard!" lol!

We could have had exactly what the neighbors had, if we would have simply watered our yard!  Could this same principle apply in marriage?   Before we jump ship or sit in discontentment, let's tend to our marriages and work on having the greener marriage!

6 Ways to  water and tend to our marriages:

1. Accept the fact that all marriages are flawed.

"Conflicts are not a sign that you have married the wrong person.They simply affirm that you are human."

Dr. Gary Chapman

2. Make your husband second priority only to God.

Flip flop your life so your marriage is not coming in dead last and you will find grass that looks burnt out start to grow green again.

3. Set aside one night a month as a date night.

Spend some time just enjoying your husband. Hold hands, steal kisses, talk, and listen. Slow down and enjoy each other like you did during the dating days!

4. Smile at your husband.

5. If your grass is looking brown in some spots tend specifically to those spots with prayer.

Do not let it die!

6. Do not neglect your marriage and assume that it will grow all on its own. That's not how it works. My brown grass is not going to turn green on its own. It needs our attention. Discipline yourself to tend to it.

Please know that you are NOT alone! There are some pretty crazy seasons of life where spots of the grass just start to die. Dora cups and Chuck E Cheese take the place of romantic dinners. Enjoy your family moments at Chuck E Cheese - but remember ALSO to tend to your marriage...don't let it get shoved aside because

in 15 short years - your Dora cup drinkers will be out of the house and it will be back to just you and your husband.

Will your grass be green at that point or dead?

The choice is yours.

Proverbs 14:1 "A wise woman builds her house, but with her own hands the foolish one tears hers down."

 Walk with the King!

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