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A Tip for More Productive Mornings

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Ever have those days where you feel like you are behind the moment you get out of bed? I used to have them all the time...

It seemed like I would be out of breath before my feet even hit the floor in the morning. I would race outside to milk, do chores, race back in to get the baby up, eat breakfast, tackle the mountain of dishes, start a load of laundry and only then proceed with the day's actual events...

By the end of the day, I was still out of breath, exhausted, and slightly confused as to what exactly I had accomplished that day. Not a good feeling.

Can you relate?

However, I have found something that has greatly helped to eliminate this vicious cycle. It has kept me more focused AND has prevented my days from starting off in a cloud of confusion.

And, I'm going to share my top-secret tip for productivity with you today. Are you ready for this?

Get up 30 minutes earlier.

Whoa, wait a second! Before you click that little red X up in the corner, hear me out.

I love my sleep as much as the next gal. In fact, after years of working stringent schedules outside the home, I eagerly anticipated the days of having "no schedule" as a stay-at-home mama.

But I've changed my tune a bit.

I've found that setting my alarm for just a *little* earlier makes a BIG difference in my day.

In that extra half hour, I can accomplish a variety of things that really help to start my day off on the right foot. It continually amazes me at how that little 30 minute time period can make or break the pace of the rest of the day.

What do you desire to accomplish before the rush of a new day begins?
  • Spending some much-needed quiet time with God?
  • Getting a head start on lunch or supper preparations?
  • Giving the kitchen or living room a quick clean up?
  • Heading out to the barn to complete morning chores?

As good as my warm bed feels in the morning, it feels even better when I can eagerly begin my day in a calm and organized manner.

Care to join me?



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