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Give Grace in Little Ways

I'm a do-er.  A quick, throw your shoes on and out the door kind of gal.  Forget the mess on the floor.  Did I check the oven to see that it was turned off?  Not sure.  Is the door locked?  No idea.  That’s me.  My personality.

I want to go, get-er-done, and get back.  My kids, on the other hand, have all different sorts of personalities.  When I call out, “Ok, everyone in the car, it’s time to go!" inevitably my little Tyler will have a total meltdown.  He needs to know where we are going, when we are coming back, and what we are going to do there.  He needs some time to transition and get used to the change in schedule. 

At first, being the ever so loving and patient mother that I am, I would just tell him to deal with it and rush everyone off into the car to accomplish my tasks.  What a selfish me.  I am slowly realizing that God has wired us each so individually and that what is fun or an “adventure” to some is completely overwhelming to another.

In an effort to give grace in little ways, I started something new.

I announce to everyone that we are "launching" in 15 minutes.  I get down on sweet Tyler’s level and explain to him what he can expect. Then I tell him all the things he will need to do before we go and set a timer. (Now, I know that this would really stress some kids out, but it seems to work well for mine.)  It helps to create peace in his heart just knowing what is coming. It also allows for all of us to have a little time to refocus our thoughts and get ready for the next thing.  Now, when we leave the house, everyone is excited, on-board, and ready for the adventure.  All it cost me was a measly 15 minutes.

It’s about learning to give grace to those that are different from you, especially when they are your own kids.  We are all so different, how can we expect that everyone would be able to handle things in the same way?  Accepting and reveling in our child’s differences is just one way that we can glorify the Lord and proclaim His name as we go about our daily lives as mothers.

"I praise you, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made. Wonderful are your works; my soul knows it very well." Psalm 139:13-15

How do you as a mother respect the differences in your child?  How can you make room for their personalities?  Are there some little ways that you can give your children grace today?

Blessings, Joy

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