Moms have been hoodwinked—tricked into believing lies that keep them from not only enjoying motherhood, but forging friendships with other moms who might tackle the tasks of motherhood differently. Myths such as “Mothering is natural, easy, and instinctive” cause moms to feel like failures if they have questions or apprehensions in raising their kids. Operating from the premise that “The way I mother is the right (and only) way” puts up fences between moms instead of building bridges of encouragement between them. Lies such as “I am my child’s choices” tempt moms to mistakenly believe that if their child makes a wrong choice then they, in turn, must be a bad mom.

This book will enable mothers to:

  • Identify the ten myths of motherhood our current culture perpetuates
  • Replace the lies with the truth of what God says in the Bible about mothering
  • Acquire practical tools to help them form new and improved thought patterns and healthy behaviors
  • Forge healthy, supportive relationships with other moms of all ages and stages
  • Confidently embrace the calling of motherhood as they care for their families in their own unique way

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Prompt #1: “Motherhood isn’t a contest. Don’t try to “one up” the other gal by being “mommy-er than thou.” That never ends well. It also prevents honest and healthy relationships from forming with other moms due to jealousy and comparison”. Have you been erecting fences or building bridges between yourself and other moms? (pg.74 )

Prompt #2: “We should number our days not so we live fearfully, but in an effort to live more faithfully. Our time as a mom is not infinite or limitless. We count our days so we can make them count.” Has rushing caused you to miss the moments of motherhood? (pgs. 93-96)

Prompt #3: “Do not tether your identity to the choices of your child—whether stellar or stupid. We are not our child’s choices.” Have you been tempted to believe that your child’s bad choice means that you are a bad mom? (pg. 174)

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“Embrace your unique journey of motherhood. Free yourself to really enjoy your children as well! Hoodwinked will empower you to do both. Highly recommended!” Candace Cameron Bure, actress, producer, and New York Times bestselling author

“I love how Karen and Ruth give us a great gift of grace with this book by showing us no one is doing this parenting thing perfectly. Refreshing and so very practical.” Lysa TerKeurst, New York Times bestselling author and president of Proverbs 31 Ministries

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Don't just talk to your kids about God, talk to God about your kids. #HoodwinkedBook #nomorehoodwinkedmoms

Know your place, but grant others grace. Build bridges not fences. From the #HoodwinkedBook

Sometimes we're moms who do too much bc our kids do too little. Work yourself out of a job from @Karen_Ehman

Motherhood isn't a recipe, it's a relationship with God. Run to Jesus when you fail. #hoodwinkedmom

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