It's no secret that being a mom is not easy.

But sometimes we can really allow our emotions to get the best of us.

Why are we angry?

How can we control our emotions so we can see the joy?

We invite you to enter into the stories, encouragement, and help of the Better Mom contributors.

With practical ideas and heart responses, we want to come alongside moms who may be struggling with some of the same things.

From Grouchy to Great: Finding Joy in the Journey of Motherhood

This is a guide to help us battle for Jesus to reign in our hearts and through our emotions. You can grab a journal and study it solo, or go through it with some girlfriends.

Each day offers devotional and discussion questions at the end.

From Grouchy to Great can be purchased here.

 With Questions for reflection, From Grouchy to Great will help guide you through 26 days of understanding your anger triggers and help you take steps to controlling those emotions better.



Quotes from the book:


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A cranky wife loses intimacy with her husband #GrouchyToGreat {Click to Tweet}

Is my need for peace and quiet so strong I’m willing to be unkind in the pursuing of it? #GrouchyToGreat {Click to Tweet}

We can wound our children in our anger. We can break their spirits or even be a root cause of anger in their own lives. #GrouchyToGreat {Click to Tweet}

A hyper-active lifestyle robs us of our joy #GrouchyToGreat {Click to Tweet}


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By having constant conversation with God through prayer and putting your eyes upon His word, you will begin to realize that we are not to condemn ourselves for our sin and through His power we can be changed. Never doubt God’s ability to work through your life. #GrouchyToGreat

A cranky wife cannot enjoy her day. Her insides feel twisted as her mind has a difficult time processing anything except lamenting, “Why me?” #GrouchyToGreat

How can we as wives resolve to not be cranky? It is a choice of surrendering your flesh. In those moments where cranky wants to come out and expose how you feel, you have a choice to lay down your justifications, take a deep breath, and ask God to help you be better. #GrouchyToGreat


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Mom Sets the Tone

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