All in Friendships

I never wanted to play it safe. 

In those rare minutes when the noise of life is quieter than His whisper against my insides, I welcome risk. I want adventure and a life-rush that might empty every last drop of me and dreams that keep my eyes open during otherwise-normal days. I'll take the threat of danger, if it means I get more of Him. I want unconventional, even when it's coupled with the prospect of clearing my bank account or my fuel tank or my carefully planned schedule.

Yes, even with my children in mind, when life is still and my pulse tells me He is near, I'm Caleb and the giants are small. 

4 Steps to Help Your Children Fight the Comparison Trap

We’ve all been there, the comparison trap. That place where we don’t feel good enough, where our standards and expectations of ourselves meet who we really are. That place where we look at what others are doing with their kids or what we think they are doing, and we feel like a failure. Social media perpetuates this comparison trap and we fall for the bait over and over again. 

The comparison trap is a very real place and we are all tempted to fall into it. Whether it be comparing our marriages, jobs, families, children, churches, you name it. But what we don’t often realize in the midst of fighting the good fight against falling into this trap, is that our children are also being tempted to fall into it as well.