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The Most Meaningful Handmade Gift I’ve Ever Been Given

The Most Meaningful Handmade Gift I’ve Ever Been Given

Perhaps the most thoughtful and creative person I know is my best friend from college, Kelly. She has given me dozens of hand-written notes and handmade gifts since we first met in the fall of our freshman year at Spring Arbor University. The most meaningful is a set of handmade tags she gave me a few years ago for my birthday.

This would make a fun weekend DIY for you to do for a friend or loved one. I have invited Kelly to explain to you below how to make this simple, but heartfelt and spiritually encouraging gift.


 We all know people in our lives that need encouragement and what better way to show we care for that special someone than to create some handwritten Scripture tags. In a day of texting, email, and Twitter, we are getting closer to seeing the art of handwriting become extinct.

While making anything homemade takes time, each minute I write, cut, and glue sends special love that could not be shown any other way.  Yes, it would be easier to type out the verse in a pretty font, but to copy Scripture in my own handwriting helps me to meditate more on the Scripture because I am physically writing each word. Also, praying the Scripture for the person as you write each one out sends even more blessings.

In thinking about what verses to use, it is helpful to use those that would encourage the person you are making them for in the situation of life they are currently experiencing. Maybe it is a fearful daughter going off to college, or a new mom who needs encouragement in her early days of parenting, especially in those wee morning hours. There may be a friend going through a tough valley because of her health that draws her closer to Jesus through the reading of each verse.

Have you ever been given a gift that spoke directly to your heart? We have a homemade gift idea for you that does not require craftiness, but is sure to bless someone you love very much!

The act of making the Scripture tags slows us down. We cannot use spell check or the delete button so it makes us be more careful in how we handle God’s Word. For me, handwriting is a way to relax, wind down, and connect with God.

Here are some Scripture ideas to use:

  • Psalms

  • Proverbs

  • God’s Promises

  • Jesus’ words in the Gospels

  • Use a to look up key words such as fear, hope, faith, thankfulness, God’s goodness, grace, joy, prayer, perseverance, etc…



KAREN’S NOTE: If you are NOT crafty (like me, Karen!) you can adapt this idea by purchasing ready-made tags like these or even these and then following the rest of the simple instructions for adding the scrapbooking paper, yarn, and handwriting.



The size of my tag is 3 3/4 -inch by 1 3/4-inch. Cut out a rectangle this size from the manila folders. At about the 3-inch mark on each side, cut away up to the middle of the top of the rectangle to make a point on one of the short ends of the tag. Now, use this as a pattern to cut as many rectangles as you will need. (I made about thirty for a set.)

Next, cut out 3 ¼-inch by 2 1/4-inch rectangles from the scrapbooking papers. Glue these papers onto the back of the Scripture tags. This should leave a small border around the tag. Use a hole punch to punch a hole in the arrow portion of the tag. Reinforce with a hole label. Then, cut a piece of yarn 12 inches. Fold in half. Tie a knot where the two ends come together. Then, thread the non-knotted end the hole just slightly, pull the knotted end through the loop that forms and pull to knot. The knot should be the part that is hanging.


You could give them in a jar or basket, or just wrap them up and let them choose from a container they have that works for them. You could also make a tag with the verse from Psalm 119:105 and attach it to the gift. They could then attach it to their jar or basket.



Karen Ehman

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