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Living in Today

Living in Today

On top of the carpool, activities, sports, spiritual development, and hopes for the future, our minds can be everywhere as moms. But there is grace for today that God does not want you to miss. Lean in and remember with us what matters most.

“Ok, so you’ll be home from karate at 7:30 and I’ll pick up from play practice at 8:30.  We’ll eat as soon as you get home!” 

“Sounds good, mom.”

Yes, this is often the deepest conversation of our day.  My husband and I are in the thick of it right now, like many of you.  No longer chasing toddlers and waiting for nap time. (I remember those days well too.  And they were exhausting!)  But these days seem even more tiring at times.  While coordinating schedules and drop offs and pickups, thoughts of ACT/SAT prep come rushing to mind.  What college will he pick?  What career will he choose? 

This is the stuff that can drive you crazy if you let it.  The thoughts can overwhelm this solid two on the Enneagram.  I’m a helper.  Always wanting to make sure everyone else succeeds at their “things”.  It sounds like every good Christian woman’s dream, right?  What a selfless woman!  But let me translate what being a “Two” sometimes means.  It means tipping the scales from helping to controlling at times.  It means forcing things into harmony rather than letting God do his part.  (Please keep in mind, I’m not implying these are the traits of a “healthy” Two.  But if we’re being real here, we all have our weaknesses.  No one is a perfect!)

But do you want to know what happens when I turn into this controlling Two?  I lose sight of the things that really matter.  I let myself get distracted from Him, the One who really has complete control.  And sadly, the enemy sneaks in and takes all of those amazing traits that God has given me and turns and twists them into something that isn’t pretty.  And guess what happens?  I miss out on today.  I miss out on the moments He wants me to live in NOW!  And my husband, you know, that guy who I am going to spend the rest of my life with?  Well, he becomes an afterthought too.  Do you see where I’m heading here?  Things can spiral quickly, can’t they? 

What starts as a good intention can turn into something ugly if we don’t keep our eyes focused on God. 

What college will my oldest son pick?  Who knows.  Because today, in this moment, he’s sitting in my living room playing worship songs with a Godly man that was brought into his life.  And today, that’s enough.  That’s more than enough.  And tonight?  Well, instead of the normal hustle and bustle of taking the kids to and from practices, we are sneaking in a dinner date just the two of us so we can have the real conversations.  Today, I’m choosing to relish in these moments He’s given us.  Because we aren’t promised tomorrow.  Only He knows our future, and today…well, I’m okay with that. 



PS – All of our souls need settled, don’t they?  Not just us crazy Two’s.  Do you need something to help you focus on this daily?  I know I can’t wait to read Ruth and Karen’s new devotional “Settle My Soul.”  Check it out here! 

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