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The Importance of Keeping Scripture Visible—& How!

The Importance of Keeping Scripture Visible—& How!

Days get busy when you’re a mom. Downtime is hard to find. Often by the end of the day, we feel completely spent. My goal is to spend time in God's Word first thing in the morning. Sitting down to study the Bible and pray in the quiet of the morning is the fuel that gets me going and keeps me going throughout the day.

I find that my patience lasts a little longer on the days I can actually accomplish this goal. But, if I’m being completely honest, sometimes it doesn’t happen as planned. The kids wake up early or I sleep in too late and our day is already underway (if you count 7 am as late). 

One of my little tricks for making sure I can saturate my day with God’s Word is to fill my environment with it. Even on the days that I get my quiet time in, I find it helpful to have Scripture around the house. Whether it's memory verses that I’m working on or just a few of my favorites that I want impressed on my kids, I love having Bible verses visible all around my house. 

How does your environment make you feel? Have you ever thought of displaying Scripture and allowing God's word to soak into your home? Here are some creative ideas for how to get started today!

In Deuteronomy 6:5-9, we learn that it’s important to “impress” God’s Word on our children and to talk to them about Him all throughout our day. However, there is also the part in this beautiful cluster of verses that talks about writing them “on the doorframe of [our] houses and [our] gates.” This always seemed a bit weird to me when I first read it. However, all these years later, I get it. 

I need God’s Word infused all around me and my family.

Now, I don’t necessarily write them on my doorframes or tie them to my forehead as the verses suggest. I do, however, write verses out on notecards and tuck them in my pocket for fast reference. Sometimes I stick them on my bathroom mirror so I can review them as I get ready in the morning. 

There are tons of ways to keep Scripture visible. You can get really fancy and buy beautiful knickknacks and artwork to place around your home. You can also get a cute little chalkboard to keep on your kitchen counter to write out a verse of the week. One of my good friends gets vinyl verses online that stick to her walls. Again, the list can go on. I use a combination of all these suggestions. However, I will say that index cards are probably my favorite way to keep God’s Word close. I do have a cute little stand with a clip that I use to post my current memory verse on. Sometimes my handwritten verses make it to the clip, other times just to my back pocket.

You can check Amazon or go shopping at Christian stores to find fun verses to put around your home. What’s been fun for me lately is that I’ve had the opportunity to talk to a few of the founders and presidents of companies that do just this: James Barnett from DaySpring, Jackie Green and her daughter, Lauren McAfee, from Hobby Lobby, and Ruth Simmons of Gracelaced have all been on my Simply Joyful Podcast. Hearing the heart of these companies makes me want to support them all the more. Needless to say, I’ve been adding to my collection of beautiful home decor after talking with them. 

Keeping Scripture visible in your home is such a wonderful way to bless your home and all who enter. I wrote a post with even more tips and a few pictures here if you’re looking for more fun ideas. 

Don’t overcomplicate adding Scripture around your house. Keep it simple and add a little biblical beauty to your home. You’ll be sure to see the blessing.

Blessings and joy,

Kristi Clover

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