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               How To Make Meaningful Memories This Summer (and still stay on a budget!)

How To Make Meaningful Memories This Summer (and still stay on a budget!)

Summertime!  There is NOTHING like it!  Sunshine, less hectic schedules, pool time, and all around happier kids. 

I always start the summer with the best intentions of being “the fun mom”. But after a couple of weeks, I run out of steam. And we start to fall into the same old routine that doesn’t include a lot of excitement. And then I wander over to Facebook or Instagram and see photos of different friends on summer vacations. And I am envious of the memories they are making with their families.  If only we could afford such luxurious vacations! And then I run across Proverbs 14:30 that says,

“A heart at peace gives life to the body, but envy rots the bones.”

Hmmm – what do I choose? Peace and life or rotten bones? Well, that seems pretty simple! Meaningful memories don’t have to require a ton of money. Some of the best memories that we’ve made together were just simple moments. It’s so easy to let simple moments pass us by and not cherish the time and memories we can make in those moments. 

How are your plans for Summer so far? It’s easy to feel like this season hasn’t met expectations, especially if we see everyone else’s vacations splashed across social media. Here’s how to take up a posture of peace and begin to make simple memories that last... without breaking the bank!

For example, just last night my husband called us all outside to the front porch. It was late, and I was tired. But I slowly started to drag myself down the stairs with the kids to meet his request. A storm was coming in. And the sky was lighting up in wondrous display, showing off God’s majesty and power. As we all watched the storm approach, I couldn’t help but realize this was one of those moments. We were making a memory that would be etched into our minds for years to come. Just the four of us – talking, admiring, and…making a memory that didn’t cost a dime. 

How often do we miss those moments?  I could have easily ignored my husband's request to join him on the front porch, especially after a long, tiring day.  But I’m so glad I didn’t! 

So how can you pause in the moment and make meaningful memories to last?

One summer when the kids were younger, we made a huge poster board of our summer bucket list. They weren’t expensive, over-the-top vacations – but simple, easy things we could do together to make the summer one to remember.  Here are some ideas that YOU can add to your summer bucket list:

·         Go on a picnic (even if it’s in your front yard!)

·         Take the kids fishing

·         Visit a local zoo or petting farm

·         Take long walks together at a new park you haven’t explored yet

·         Have a sleepover where the kids get to sleep in each other’s rooms or in the basement together (if you have one)

·         Set up a tent in the backyard and “camp” together

·         Dance in the rain (like no one’s watching!)

Life is short. And time speeds by at light speed! Enjoy the moments, sweet moms! And remember that they don’t have to be made in Disney World (although, if it’s in your budget, it IS a magical place to be!).

Be at peace with however you make your meaningful memories.  Just promise to make them one way or another! 

Have a wonderful summer!!


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