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Self-Care for Mothers in a Hurry

Self-Care for Mothers in a Hurry

I cannot tell you how many women I’ve sat across from, listening to tired hearts and even more exhausted minds, speak of just how full life had become.

I also can’t tell you how many times I’ve been that woman, pouring out troubled thoughts to a friend. 

Some life seasons are simply full — a new baby is born, we move, or an unexpected circumstance needs our attention. Other times, we find ourselves juggling many necessary responsibilities.

I get that.

But if we’re honest today (and why shouldn’t we be?), there are seasons in which the frantic schedule causes us lots of overwhelming stress. 

There is a better way to live Moms.

How can we care for ourselves in seasons of fullness? Self care can often start small. Try some of these ideas to kick start heathy rhythms today.

Self Care in Busy Seasons

How can we care for ourselves in seasons of fullness?

I say start small. 

Especially if you’re a Mom in a hurry, on the go often, it’s important to ask of yourself reasonable goals. No need to overextend in this area as well!

Pray often - ask the Holy Spirit to help you throughout the day. Whether it’s in caring for yourself or for details of life, there is a helper in God.

Do Scripture bite-sized - write or print up favorite and encouraging verses, place them throughout the spaces you are most often. Read them again and again, meditating on God’s word.

Prioritize your care - even when starting small, caring for your own needs must be important enough to make room for it. Decide where to begin, and then actually begin.

Sleep often - and when you can! Catnaps included.

Drink plenty of water - helpful to our skin, our brain and to sleeping better.

Stop multi-tasking like crazy! - they say only 2% of us do it successfully anyway. Take a breath, try to focus on one thing (maybe two) at a time.

Nurture your ‘No’ - we must release the ‘urgent’ to say yes to the important. Find big and little ways to let go of responsibilities which distract.

Ditch the real - real plates or utensils that is! If it helps your season of life…welcome the use of those extra paper/plastic products.

Ask for help - carpool, hire a sitter, order takeout, use a cleaning service, call grandma. Brainstorm big and little ways to ease the pressure. Then act on it!

Most importantly, know this season will be over as you choose to shift or as the situation backs down.  It won’t be this way forever.

While you wait? Care for yourself, Mama.


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