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How a Mom Can Practice Grace and Be Kind To Herself

How a Mom Can Practice Grace and Be Kind To Herself

Do you ever feel like you just can't seem to get it together? You are tired, moving slow, overwhelmed, unmotivated, and just a wee bit discouraged? 

This can often become a place we tend to entertain too long. It weighs heavy on us and as the guilt piles on so does the discouragement.

While I believe there is a holy striving that leads us to work out our salvation with fear and trembling, there is also a holy grace that empowers us to keep striving well. 

God doesn't offer us grace because we overcome these obstacles. No, no, no! God offers us grace because He has triumphed over our sin. It all goes back to believing we have to earn God's grace. We don't.

Do you believe grace is something you earn? The reality is that it is a free gift ready to be received! Come be encouraged by the kindness God offers you today.

This is for you mother's out there who are trying, not to earn God's love or favor, but who are simply trying to be.

To be

  • a good mother
  • a faithful representative of Christ to your children
  • a helpful wife
  • a good homemaker
  • simply a woman lost in God

Because we don't need to be told that we at least have to try. We know that. What we need to be told is that we need topractice grace; that though we reach for God and fail, He carries us. He does not want us to remain in a place of conviction, because that conviction transforms into shame.

When we are convicted - or found guilty - God asks us to repent. Part of repenting is receiving His grace so we can move forward.

When we don't receive His grace, we remain in a state of guilt and cannot be released from that bondage because we haven't received the gift offered to us. We're holding ourselves hostage even though Someone paid to have us freed. It's as if we're living as unbelievers. Not because we don't believe, but because we don't receive.

Sometimes we just aren't good about receiving things -- especially things we don't deserve. And when we aren't good at things, the best way to become better is to practice.

Friends, we need to practice receiving grace.  We try and we fail, but we cannot allow ourselves to remain in that state of guilt and then shame. Because if we can't let go of yesterday, we're going to miss today. And if we can't receive God's grace, we can't walk in the freedom and fellowship with Him that He desires ~ that He died for.He died so we can be in fellowship with Him and live a life of freedom. Why would we choose to waste that gift and hold on to bondage?

It's a battle of the mind and it's something we need to combat everyday. Renew your mind by reading His Word. Meet with Him daily, hourly if need be, and receive grace so you can walk in freedom.

Walking in freedom does not mean we are free to sin, but rather we are free to begin again.


P.S. We’re growing in grace together all month here at The Better Mom as we celebrate the release of The Better Mom book! Find out more here.

At the heart of The Better Mom is the message that Jesus calls us to live not a weary life, but a worthy life. We don’t have to settle for either being apathetic or struggling to be perfect. Both visions of motherhood go too far. Ruth offers a better option. She says, “It’s okay to come as we are, but what we’re called to do and be is far too important to stay there! The way to becoming a better mom starts not with what we are doing, but with who God is inviting us to become."


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