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Never, Ever Enough

Never, Ever Enough

What’s chasing your thoughts and propelling you into action, without you even noticing what you're doing and why you're doing it?

Seriously, stop for just 30 seconds and consider . . .

Is it the Holy Spirit's leading?

Is it the panel of inner critics?

Is it the guilt over what will be left undone if you don't keep going?

Is it the fear of failure or rejection?

I ask these questions not to make you feel judged and condemned but with the hopes that God can set you free with His truth.

What consumes your life, mamas? No matter where you are today, no matter how mature you are in the faith, no matter how awesome or hard life is...God's heart for us is the same. Discover his hope and peace for you today!

These are questions I had to ask myself after receiving some pretty unexpected and disappointing news. I was totally blindsided and a hot mess as a result. But God was so gracious to quickly show me how that difficult "no" would lead to His better "yes." 

He opened my eyes to see how the monkeys on my back had become my god. They were driving me. They were what I was putting my hope in. They were what I expected my provisions would come from.

Yep, me. That Bible-teaching, Gospel-speaking, Scripture-writing girl who knows all about idols and faith and trust.

I didn't even realize what was happening because the enemy twisted a good thing into his thing.

Praise God for the wake-up call, which has ushered in a sweet time of repentance before the Lord.

Yes, repentance can be sweet because it restores the relationship with God to the way it ought to be. 

Praise God for the way He put just the right people in my life to point me gently in that direction with questions, not accusations, from my husband to my sisters-in-Christ who knew how to use the remarkable skill of coaching on me. 

Praise God for my small group and women's Bible study, because everything we've been studying is exactly what I needed to learn for the Holy Spirit to layer on the conviction and perspective shift.

God needs His body and Word to do His work in us while we're in process joining Him in His Kingdom work. 

So no matter where you are today. No matter how mature you are in the faith. No matter how awesome or hard life is. I pray that you will get yourself connected to the body, get yourself in the Word, and get your knee bent to the Spirit's leading so that you can experience the "yeses" God has for you. It is so much sweeter than living for the false gods that will never, ever be enough.

Because there is more,

Elisa Pulliam

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