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A Love Letter to My Kids

A Love Letter to My Kids

Dear Kids,

I had to sit down and pen these words to you on this Valentine's Day. True, your Daddy is my One True Love, and always will be, but you need to know—you're a close second. And that's a good thing.

It's a good thing you're not #1, but that's another post for another day. Today's about love. mini versions of me and are so, so loved.

I love the way your hair is tousled in the morning and your groggy feet scoot down the stairs to breakfast.

I love the way yours noses all scrunch that one way when you laugh.

I love that you all have your Grammy's dimples.

I love that a strong sense of justice and balance runs through each of you.

I love your wiggly, stinky toes.

I love your pink, perfect lips.

I love your bubbly laughter and, though it pains me, I love to kiss away those tears when they slide down your sweet cheeks.

I love how you love others. How each of you looks out for the one who gets left out, or treated unfairly, or just looks a little down.

I love how you love Jesus, and how you each are working to find your own unique ways of getting to know Him better.

I love how you smell fresh out of the bath, and how you look when you sleep.

I love that I get to be there for you on the good days and the bad. I get to see you at your best and your worst—and love you just as much no matter which one.

I love that you get to see me at my best, and at my worst. And, boy oh boy, have there been some worsts. And you love me just as much no matter which "me" you get.

I'm sorry if I don't say these things often enough. I'm sorry if you've ever doubted these things to be true. Because aside from Jesus and your Daddy, you three are the most incredible, absolute best things to happen to me. And I'm honored to be called your Mom.

I love you. Happy Valentine's Day.

Love you,


Do your children know your delight and love? Today is the perfect day to share how much they mean to you. Ponder the gift of their presence and life with us today!

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