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Finding the Holy Purposes of God in Your Life Today

Finding the Holy Purposes of God in Your Life Today

God has poured his gifts into you. Do you believe it? Ponder with us today about how God might desire to use your gifts, calling and even the different seasons of your lives where it feels like you are forever waiting.

Do you feel called to help others but don't know where to start?

Are you insecure in your abilities even though you believe God gave you gifts that could benefit others?

Maybe you feel like you can’t find the door to opportunity, even though the desire is burning inside of you.

Friend, you’re not alone!

I remember feeling stuck in a rut of the mundane. I thought I’d never emerge from the season of sacrifice and insecurity. Can you relate? Although I felt lost, I wasn’t without hope, thanks to a prayer I picked up through a Bible study.

God, please show me your work, that I might join you in it.

Each morning — or whatever time of day I’d finally get to my Bible reading and prayer time — I’d pray those words. Ever so slowly and surely, God began to open my eyes to see His work and the holy purposes laid out before me.

Diaper changes became opportunities for whispering God truths in my daughter’s mind.

Bedtime chases became holy pursuits of my children’s hearts and their obedience.

Driving lessons became moments to impart the necessity of soul strength for making wise choices behind the wheel.

College selection season became a vehicle for teaching surrender and submission.

All this holy work in that season of my life was to be done under the guise of motherhood.

His purposes were transpiring, as I yielded my gifts, talents, passions, and longing for purpose unto Him.

The yielding was never pretty. It still isn’t. But in His mercy, God has been faithful to pour out His holy purposes in my life. While I was tempted to believe that He was busy doing something special for everyone else, He was busy making me more pliable in His hands as I surrendered my dreams to Him.

How is God cultivating your faith in this season of motherhood?

While being a mom of littles, God prompted me to begin blogging . . . to no one. Those quiet years of writing (more than a decade ago) became the foundation of a ministry that now touches every continent. Trust me, I didn't see that coming!

Where is God quietly leading you to explore your gifts and passions?

God also led me to become a trained life coach instead of pursuing that counseling degree once my littles were all in school. I thought I was gaining a skill as a mentor and not launching a career, but that wasn't His plan. His leading doesn't always end up where we expect the final destination to be -- and often that's  a good thing!

How may a divine rerouting be the beautiful beginning of a new journey in your life?

The way God wants to work in you may not look like how you planned. Yes, you might need to wait on His open doors. You might need to yield to another direction. You might have to leap into a role you never thought you were made for. But here's the good news: He who began a good work in you, and in me, will bring it to completion on the day of Christ Jesus.

God is not done with you, no matter how dormant this season may feel.

So what does it look like to embrace His ongoing work -- His holy purposes for you -- in every season and place He leads you?

Becoming More Like Him with You,

Elisa Pulliam

P.S. While you're considering God's holy purposes, you might discover that this opportunity fits right in for giving you a fresh perspective and hope for the journey.

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