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4 Ways to Keep Your Sanity When Life is Busy

4 Ways to Keep Your Sanity When Life is Busy

Life is busy. We can't escape many of our responsibilities and activities- but we can carry the peace of God with us in all we do! Here are some practical ways to go slow, be prepared for what these days bring and keep Christ at the center of your family.

If your family is anything like ours, life comes at you quickly. One minute it's just you and your beloved and before you know it you have a house full of little blessings walking around. While we are enjoying every minute of this busy season of family life; we are also always seeking ways to save our sanity. For us there is no greater blessing than to be raising our children together -- all while serving Jesus. Keeping God's peace at the center of our family life is a high priority for us.

Over time we have learned that there are ways we can remain at peace in the midst of busy. I am grateful that I don't have to walk around stressed out because my to-do list is a mile long. I am grateful that I can have peace and joy when I am at our homeschool enrichment classes 14 hours a week. I am beyond thankful that no matter what our current crazy season of busy brings us; God's peace remains.

I do want to differentiate between the "busy" that we create and the fullness that God-given seasons bring. Because they are vastly different. When we are the ones saying "yes" to everything and running around like a chicken with our head cut off; there is no peace. However, when God is directing our paths there is grace, favor, and peace no matter how many things are on the schedule. I've come to know the difference and am thankful for the full seasons in life; one of which I am in the midst of as I type these words.

Today we want to share with you three ways that we keep ourselves sane when life is busy. These are in no particular order but are all three important when 

4 Ways to Keep Your Sanity When Life is Busy

1. Maintaining a Strong Connection with Jesus - This is of utmost importance and can be done through a variety of ways:

  • reading the Bible
  • praying
  • fellowshipping
  • listening to worship music
  • etc.

2. Meal Planning + Batch Cooking - This is a big one for families that are always on the go. It is important to us that we feed our family healthy food and the best way to do so is by meal planning and cooking ahead. That way when time is short we don't have to run to the next drive thru. Rather we can grab a healthy meal from the freezer to enjoy. This not only brings us peace, it also saves us time and money!

Don't get me wrong, we definitely have times where grabbing a bite to eat is the only option. However we do our best to limit that through planning our meals which saves us money and keeps us healthy.

3. Creating Daily and Weekly Plans - I truly believe that every mom needs a planner. Having a plan is key when you are in a season of busy. My husband and I create a weekly plan for our family business, homeschool, and extracurricular activities. Once we create our plan we submit it in prayer as we only want what God wants for our family. While plans change, it is still better to have a framework than to run amuck and "wing" it. 

4. Carving Out Family Time - And no, I don't mean in the van on the way to the next extracurricular activity. While the car rides and chats are sweet times indeed, there is something very powerful when a family actually makes time for undivided attention with one another. We have noticed how being intentional with family time has created a strong bond within our family. And we are thankful!

While life definitely has it's seasons of slow and seasons of busy; there is no reason you shouldn't carry God's peace throughout it all. If you are struggling to stay sane ind the midst of a full season, try implementing the above four suggestions. I promise you, if you are consistent, you will not only carry God's peace, you will also be able to be more productive!

Love You To Life,
Carlie Kercheval
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