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How Making My Bed Transformed My Marriage

How Making My Bed Transformed My Marriage

Sometimes it's the small details that make the biggest difference. Embracing this one might even change your marriage. Be encouraged that the little things matter greatly!

Growing up, I was taught to always make my bed. But to be honest, I failed to do so most of the time.  

I didn't notice it then, but a simple thing like making my bed would drastically improve my day.

There are few household chores that are both quickly completed and beneficial to a woman’s relationship with her husband, making your bed is one of them.

Fast-forward a few years into my marriage,  I had 3-5 children under seven years old, and you would find that most days my bed was not made until around 3 pm! I continued to underestimate how this simple chore could affect my attitude, and more importantly, my marriage.

I realized that as I taught and expected my children to make their beds, I needed to be an example in this matter. Of course, like any expectation, there is always grace for certain circumstances, but it was nearly always one of the first household chores I expected from each of our children.

Every day, in this order, we would: wake up, eat breakfast, read our Bibles, make our beds, and get ready for the day. This rhythm not only helped my kids know what was expected every morning, but it made the rest of the day easier.

The kids would help me make my bed, and I would help them. It went much faster for both of us. But then came a time when the kids stopped coming in to help me make my bed... in fact, they seemed to be avoiding me while I was doing it, which opened the door for quite a purposeful reflection for me.

I began thinking about my husband as I was making his side of the bed, then it moved to praying for him, and eventually, I began seeing a direct correlation between the time I spent thinking about him (and how I love him), praying for him, and our marriage. Some days I would pray for his work, his relationships, but then I began to focus on praying for our marriage, our communication, spiritual relationship, and our intimacy.

Over the years, as I have prioritized making my bed and praying for my marriage, I have seen my heart attitude towards intimacy specifically change for the better. I think it helps us, wives, to take a few moments in the midst of our day to pray and prepare our hearts for this special gift from God.

Not only that, but I have shared with my husband that I pray for him and "us" every time I make our bed. This has been such an encouragement to my husband in ways I can't even begin to describe. It's pretty cool to look back on all the days I have made my bed, knowing that what I was really doing was lifting him up to God and asking for God to prepare my heart to be a blessing to my husband.

So take it from me, make your bed ladies.

Take the time to set a good example for your kids by both making your bed and by teaching them to use that time to be in prayer! Make a mundane chore one that fulfills a greater purpose in your heart and relationship with both God and your husband.

I promise if you change this one habit, your day will go better, and it could transform your marriage!

We thank you for our marriages and husbands and ask that you would protect and bless them. Help us to be purposeful with the tasks you have given us each day and to be thankful for them. Convict our hearts if we are being hypocrites and expecting things from our children that we, ourselves, are not doing. We desire to have a marriage that reflects Your glory to the world. We know that we have an enemy that will try to deceive us, make us insecure, and will try and wear us ragged before our husband even walks through the door. Please help us to be mindful of our need to prepare our hearts to be a blessing to them and give us insight into the practical areas where we could invite You to be present more. Amen. 

Many Blessings as you courageously love your husbands, 

Angie Tolpin, The Courageous Mom

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