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3 Tips for Taking Care of You

3 Tips for Taking Care of You

Do you care for the girl in you? One evening of connected friendship could nourish you heart and soul. Here's how to invest in your own heart and in those around you- because we girls need each other!

There are five us.

We are connected by blood or marriage. .

There are five of us girls in the generation of women once removed from my parents. We live near each other and love each other too.  We share histories and we share futures because of our family connection and the days to come for our children.

We like each other.  When we get together we cackle like nobody’s business and enjoy each other’s company. We trade kids on Sunday afternoons or help each other out by picking up each other’s kiddos when their mother is in a bind.

But there’s a problem.

We aren’t always good about getting together.

Just us.

Sans kids.

We struggle to prioritize getting together to invest in our relationship as sisters. We seem to have no trouble getting our kids together but getting ourselves together?  That’s another story.

But we made a decision to put something on the calendar even though the best we could come up with was three months down away.

The evening for our sister gathering came.  I provided a simple but delectable dinner. I also thought it would be fun to move my furniture around and bring the table into the middle of my living room. It would provide an unexpected meeting place and give us a wonderful view to the backyard of my home.  Each setting was laid with my rarely-used china.  Table décor bloomed from the middle of the spot where we would share a meal.  The floral arrangement was the perfect touch. The aroma from the kitchen wafted in and filled the room and mixed with the candle burning on the end table.  Each spot at the table waited expectedly with a gift for each sister to discover when she sat in her place.

And when each girl arrived at my door her face lit up.

One by one surprise and delight appeared in her eyes as she beheld the celebratory environment prepared for her.  We cackled a bit, eventually sat down to eat dinner, and later lingered over coffee and a delectable dessert a we talked about what God was doing in our lives.  I dare say that none of us wanted the evening to end.

We needed that time.  We enjoyed time together. And the fact that it was made special by a great meal and pretty plates only punctuated the naturally sweet evening. We left feeling lighter, more free, and full to overflowing. We each knew we had been seen.

The five of us girls are still busy. We all still have jobs and homes and kids and husbands and never ending lists of things to do. But there are three things I know for certain from that evening that helped each of us feel cared for and will help you too.

  1. Know the Spirit - Paying attention to God, His Word, and His consistent care of you helps to keep your outlook upbeat, positive, and expectant.  While you can find joy in a sunset or satisfaction in a meaningful relationship, only the Spirit of God offers a continuous source of joy overflowing. Celebrating Him with others adds an extra cherry on top.

  2. Engage your Senses  The sights and sounds of home, good food, and great candles can be a great comfort.  So can a sunny day or even a just a view of the same.  How can you engage your senses to take in the beauty in your world -- even if it’s chatting with friends looking out of the window.

  3. Value Significance - Being with others who are meaningful to you helps you to feel seen and noticed -- particularly on long days of dirty diapers and dirty dishers.  Don’t neglect your people. Make time for those you love in your life (or even like) and notice how doing so, gives you a sense of fulfillment and belonging.

Me and my girls have vowed to get together more often and honor our sister circle – the group of women with which we naturally share a bond, a life season, and a shared story. We desire to pray together, dine together, and laugh together as often as we can.

Let me encourage you to take care of the girl in you by staying connected. Engage in simple joys that nourish your soul through your senses, significance, and the Spirit. And invite your sister’s to join you every now and then! We girls need each other.


Chrystal Evans Hurst

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