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Getting Braver and Breaking Free

Getting Braver and Breaking Free

You know those things holding you back? Gripping at you? Keeping you tied up? You can experience freedom from them. Come be brave today....

Is it time for you to stop doing what you always do, just because you've always done it that way?

Is it time to break free from anything and everything that is keeping you from experience God's best?

Imagine if you broke free from the strongholds, mindsets, and unhealthy habits that have a grip on your heart and mind . . . a grip that steals joy, robs you of peace, and lays unnecessary burdens on your back.

Maybe it's because I'm already feeling the freedom of breaking free in this year of brave that I'm willing to challenge you to do the same.

I've been taking little faith steps and heeding holy convictions in all sorts of way. To begin with, I broke up with having Facebook on my phone, and then realized why it was such a rough experience. After doing all this research, I was certain that I was addicted to social media and impacted by the Dopamine Loop Effect. That's why I've also put some distance between me and my device, plugging my phone in to charge in the living room each night instead of my bedside table. Guess what, now I get to start my day talking to the Lord when my feet hit the floor instead of engaging my heart and mind with content I'm not the least bit prepared to process.

Isn't it amazing how we can become addicted . . . to anything . . . without ever knowing that "the thing" that feels good in the moment pales in comparison to what we would experience without it?

How often do we get stuck, afraid of change because of the unknown?

I could go on and on about all the breaking free changes I've been embracing. . . from simplifying my wardrobe to decluttering my kitchen cabinets, to getting rid of furniture and finally putting what was left in the places I wanted them to be in the first place.

What do you need to break-up with in order to break free?

As my mentor and life coach used to say, "If it is not working for you, change it." I'd only add this caveat:

Persevere in whatever and whomever God is calling you to love, serve, and work at with all your heart, but break up with the traditions and expectations that distract you from His purposes and peace.

Friend, you can break free. Transformation is possible with God.  You can stop the crazy cycle of life-draining strongholds and embrace fresh attitudes and focused habits built upon God's truth to find that lasting life change you crave.

May the Lord's strength fill you completely today as you embrace the next brave step He has for you.

Growing braver with you,

Elisa Pulliam &

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