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18 Ways to Jump Start Your Quiet Time in 2018

18 Ways to Jump Start Your Quiet Time in 2018

Recently I was talking with a friend about spiritual growth. Out of everything I’ve done in my journey in drawing closer to God, the one thing that has brought me closer to Christ than anything else was spending daily time in God’s Word. Yet as mom it’s not easy to do! The wonderful thing is there is no right way to do it. I’ve tried different methods during different seasons. The point of all of it is spending time reading the Word of God and being present with Him.

Do you have a daily quiet time? As moms, finding time to spend reading God's word can be tricky! Here are our best tips to jump start in 2018 and build a new habit that will change your life.

If you’d like to jumpstart your quiet time in 2018, here are 18 ways to do it!

1. Start with confession and prayer. Clear the air between you and God. Confess anything that’s weighing heavy on your heart. Then sincerely ask God to show you something in the Bible you haven't seen before—even if it is a passage that you've read a billion times. And He will.

2. Listen to the Bible with YouVersion Bible app. I often listen to chapters of the Psalms as I get ready in the morning.

3. Join a reading plan or create a reading goal. In the past I’ve chosen a book of the Bible to read through or another goal, such as reading one chapter of the Bible every day. Currently, I run a 365 Day Scripture Reading Journey on Facebook HERE. In this group we read five chapters of the Bible a day, five days a week. This will bring us to reading all the way through the Bible in a year.

4. Create a quiet time corner. I have a basket with things by the couch, including my Bible, Bible highlighters, a journal and a devotional book. It helps to have everything in one place.

5. Listen to worship songs as you read. I often play my favorite worship music on my phone or my computer as I read. It puts me in the right mood and stills my heart.

6. Read verses along the same themes. I often research topics HERE. If I’m having a stressful day I might search for verses such as Peace or Trust and write down some ones that stand out to me in my journals.

7. Imagine Jesus reading the words to you, especially the Psalms. I picture myself curled next to him, taking in the truth he wishes to speak to my heart.

8. Pray the Scriptures. The early church often repeated Scripture to encourage each other and in prayer. Repeat God’s Truths and promises back to Him.

9. Use a journaling Bible to take notes as you read. I don’t worry about being too introspective or poetic. Instead, I just jot down things that were meaningful during my Bible reading or prayer—things I want to remember.

10. Write prayers and thoughts for your children in the margins of your Bible. Each year I buy a new Bible and write special notes and prayers for one of my children through the year. I later gift that Bible to my children.

11. Get personal with the text. Ask, “What is the Lord saying to me?” or “How can I apply this in my life." Don’t just think of the words as something to know but as a way to live.

12. Share what you read with someone. I often talk to my husband or a friend about something that was meaningful to me. Sometimes I also share with my children.

13. Don’t give up when you feel frustrated with something in the Bible that you don’t understand. Ask someone whom you trust—like a Sunday School teacher or godly friend—to help you understand what the passage means. Also know there are some Bible passages that we may not fully understand until we get to heaven.

14. Choose one passage and read it thoughtfully. Pause on any words or sentences that stand out. Read it more than one time and put emphasis on different words as your read.

15. Read the Scripture passage in another version. Often something new will stand out to you.

16. Choose a time of the day that works best for you. If a morning quiet time doesn’t work consider lunch, in the afternoon or at bedtime.

17. Keep track of the Books of the Bible that you finish and note them in the front or back of your Bible with the date. Seeing your progress will motivate you to read more.

18. Remember the whole point is connecting with Jesus. He is someone who wants to connect with you. It’s not about knowing more, it’s about knowing Him better and drawing closer to Him.

I’ve used all these methods during different seasons of life. I hope that you will find a few to help you during 2018.

Walking in Him,

Tricia Goyer

If you are looking for a new devotional for 2018, check out Pressing Pause: 100 Quiet Moments for Moms to Meet With Jesus.

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