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Four Ways to Maintain Your Health this Fall

Four Ways to Maintain Your Health this Fall

Cold season is officially upon us. And every activity that we are out enjoying this fall season has one thing in common: germs. How will you keep your family healthy? Learn our favorite tricks for boosting the immune system and defending your family from illness.

Football games, bonfires, and the smell of my favorite Fall candle burning.  These are my most favorite things about this time of year!  Not to mention that my Christmas decorations are on standby ready to spread their holiday cheer.  (Yes, I’m that person!)  And there are so many things to see and do right now!  There are cider mills to visit (I mean, who doesn’t love a hot doughnut?)  And corn mazes to try out…and lots of nature trails to hike to see the beautiful changing colors of Fall.  But all of these fun places also bring with them looming germs.   While we can’t avoid EVERY nasty bug that we come into contact with, I want to share with you  four things my family does regularly to help maintain our wellness during this germy season. 

·          We take Ningxia Red DAILY!  It has a sweet and tangy flavor that my kids love!  And the formula includes wolfberry, which is known for its health benefits to support overall wellness.  We often add it to our smoothies as well!  A daily shot of 2–4 ounces is all you need.  It’s packed with antioxidants to help your body stay strong.  And we need any extra help we can get this time of year!


·         Super C is part of our daily routine.  Having extra vitamin C in our bodies is an extra plus to help maintain our health.  These are chewable and my kids love them!  So it’s never a battle to get them in their bodies.

·         Our favorite oil to diffuse is Thieves.  Not only does it have an amazing smell that reminds you of Fall, but it has antiseptic properties to ward off those unwanted germs.  We also put Theives on the bottoms of our feet when we start to feel run down.  There are flex points on the bottoms of your feet that are able to feed those antiseptic properties straight to your cells to give you that extra help. 

·         And lastly, we take Inner Defense at the first sign of any kind distress our body is experiencing.  Inner Defense promotes healthy respiratory function and contains powerful essential oils like oregano, thyme, and Thieves which are great for immune support. They come in the form of liquid softgels so they dissolve quickly for speedy results. The best part about Inner Defense is that it doesn’t kill ALL of the bacteria in your body like a prescribed antibiotic would.  Just be sure to take a probiotic along with Inner Defense to promote a healthy gut.  I recommend Young Living’s Life9

These are all EASY things you can do to help keep your entire family healthy and enjoy this amazing time of year.  If you would like to learn more about essential oils, visit our main oil pages here!



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