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3 Ways to Cultivate Communication in Marriage

3 Ways to Cultivate Communication in Marriage

Is your marriage lacking strong communication? It's a key component to health in our relationships- but many of us are lost in how to make it a reality. These three principles can help you cultivate it today.

Communication is one of the most crucial components of a successful marriage. Sadly, while running our Christian marriage site Fulfilling Your Vows™ these past 4 years, we've realized how many Christian couples are not communicating well with their spouse. 

We receive countless emails each week asking for biblical advice on how to establish better communication in marriage. While there are several factors to consider when building up this area of marriage, one thing is for sure: God has to be smack dab in the middle of it.

In our 17 years of married life my husband and I have been able to cultivate strong communication that has protected our marriage covenant. Because of Christ we have been able to maintain a strong connection even when we spent several years apart due to long combat tours and other military training.

Today I want to share with you 3 of the steps that are crucial in building strong, healthy communication with your spouse.

3 Ways to Cultivate Communication in Marriage

1. Pray Together

While this may seem obvious to some, we've learned over the years that many couples do not consider this to be an important part of communication between husband and wife. But it is. The holy act of prayer not only strengthens your communication with God--but your spouse as well.

Praying with your spouse sets the groundwork for meaningful communication between you and your spouse. There is nothing like being in God's presence together and chatting while in His presence. Keep praying together at the forefront of your marriage and see how quickly the walls built by fear and pride come tumbling down!

2. Carve out Time to Communicate

This is something that we had to learn to do very early on in our marriage. There were times where Michael would be deployed for 12+ months and we didn't know when we'd be able to talk. So what did we do? We emailed. When we could we'd chat on the phone or SKYPE. And we valued every precious second of it.

Now that we are on the other side of military life (my husband was able to retire this past summer) we still make the time to connect every day. Carving out the time to communicate with your spouse will not only make you better at it, it will also allow you to know your spouse in a deeper way.

3. Read the Bible Together

Another huge foundation in establishing and maintaining healthy communication in your marriage is reading God's Word together. Even if you only have time to read a few Scriptures together each day; that is a wonderful start. God's Word is a healing balm to our soul and connects us with His people in the most intimate of ways.

Whether or not you have good or poor communication in your marriage; never forget that it can always be better. I know that if you are willing implement the three steps above that you will see a drastic change in the way you and your spouse communicate (for the better).

Are you looking for some help to cultivate stronger communication in your marriage? My husband and I invite you to join us for our free 5-Week Prayer + Communication Challenge for Couples! We are excited to continuously strengthen and cultivate communication in our marriage and encourage you to do the same!

In His Great Service,
Carlie K.
Fulfilling Your Vows
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