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Mom Under Pressure

Mom Under Pressure

Is life just too much right now? When your schedule is tight, your finances are strapped or you find yourself in crises, it's hard to know what fire to put out first. Learn how to find peace when you are a mom under pressure.

It was Saturday. I woke late and achy, and the thumps and bumps downstairs let me know my children were stirring and pouring cereal for breakfast before camping out in front of some weekend cartoons. I could shut my eyes for just a few more minutes, couldn't I? It seemed that no matter how much sleep I got lately, it was never enough, and my down comforter welcomed me to stay and rest the day away. 

When I get overwhelmed, sleep is always a welcome friend. Lately, I'd been finding myself more tired than ever before, waking later, looking for twenty minutes here or there to grab a catnap. My body was telling me what I already knew. I was living under pressure. I was overwhelmed by the dishes, the laundry, muddy shoes and the dog running out the front door. All the everyday workings of a home began to seem impossible to handle.  A little cloud of anxiety and responsibilities was storming over my head and pretty soon I was going to need a big umbrella.

This year was a big one for us. We moved across the country, welcomed our fifth child, and adjusted to not only a new life , new schools, new friends and big job changes. To help our children with the logistics of so many different things in their life was requiring not only a lot of logistical planning, but emotional energy too. An that pressure system kept building in the storm cloud floating above my head. 

As moms. we are under pressure all the time. Its practically a mode we set in our lives the way we set clothes to dry on the wrinkle-free cycle.  But how we deal with the seasons that make us want to crawl back under the covers with shape much of our family life and relationships. The next time you are under pressure, remember these ideas to help you stay above the chaos of the moment.

1. Find the Anchors that Matter- and Keep them in Harbor!

Whether its your workouts, an evening family walk or just dinner around the table, assess what anchors your family loves and needs and do all you can to keep them in place. Helping our children know that even in times of stress, some rhythms and routines never change will help keep them feeling safe and stable, and will also help you to feel that you are in control of the circumstances that are difficult.

2. Don't be Afraid to ask for Help

We moms are a notorious bunch. Asking for help is something that is difficult for most of us. Need a few things from the grocery store? Help watching your toddler? Input on a creative project? Ask a friend! You might be surprised at how happy they are that you trusted them enough to reach out, and receiving help from them is likely to draw you closer together. Don't'll be able to bless them by repaying the favor sometime too!

3. Do Something for Your Soul

When times are tough, its often our first inclination to buckle down, reduce our spending, rethink our calendars, and live life in the most bare bones kind of way.  Being wise stewards of our time and resources is good, but don't neglect nourishing your heart and soul at a time when you likely need encouragement and an influence of beauty. Take a walk, cut some flowers, or pick up a bouquet at the farmer's market, bake a cake or your favorite roast. Wear perfume or paint your toenails. Taking even just ten minutes to do something fun can help you focus on what lies ahead of you.


Kristen Kill

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