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Our Not-So-Serious, But Very Suave School Shopping Trip

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It's possible you already know this about me, but if you don't, then I'll tell you now.  I am silly.  I delight in wheeze-laughing or getting someone else to spontaneously gut guffaw.  I use humor for both personal entertainment purposes and for random outbursts with any audience I can find. Have you ever watched "Inside Out?" My goofball island game is strong. 

I especially become silly when doing things I'm not sure how to do.  

Back-to-school shopping is an unsure event for me.  I was a homeschool mom for 6 years. School shopping used to be the playground at which I made my own rules.  There weren't time constraints or specifications. If I needed a folder I picked a folder.  Each kid got the same thing.  Homeschooling is cool like that.  For reasons that I can't explain here, God called us to put our kids in public school last year.  It was the hardest decision ever, but we knew God was leading us in that direction, so we followed. 

Last year was my first time with the kids in public school and therefore my first public school shopping experience. I felt like a freshman at college orientation.  I took the whole thing way more seriously than necessary.  I was highlighting lists, taking painfully long, and poring over items that don't need to be pored over.  A time lapse video from the ceiling would have undoubtedly revealed I was doing continuos donuts around the back-to-school display throwing and picking up the same index card packs. 

Not this year.  

This year, bring on the plethora of folder colors and varying index card dimensions.  Bring on the pencil pouch testing.  Bring on the checkout lines.  I have silly expressions and I am not afraid to use them. 

So, yesterday we went to Meijer.  I like #Meijer.  It's a place where you can buy chocolate (in any form you'd like- chunked, pieces, powdered, bars, by the jumbo bag...etc), as well as leggings and hair detangler.  Moms need Meijer.

As we approached the school shopping arena, my knuckles gripped the cart.  My kids started asking questions about what they could buy.  Lunch boxes of every shape flashed before my eyes.  I almost reverted back to my stressed out mom status, but then I remembered what our mission was. 

We must have fun.

So here are some pics from our photo shoot, I mean school shopping spree.

Somewhere in the middle of our school shopping adventure I also remembered that we needed some hair care.  We went about 3 aisles down and found the shampoo.  I use Suave.  I seriously do.  Here's why: It smells good and it's economical. I'd like to point out that half the fun of a shampoo purchase is smelling all the bottles and imaging how awesome it will be to smell like one of the scents.  

Suave has some pretty enticing aromas coming out of their magical plastic bottles.  I'm pretty partial to things that smell minty, but I also like coconut.  It's so creamy and luxurious.  As you can tell from my faded flannel shirt, I'll take luxury for a few dollars if I can.  

The Suave shampoo infused with pure coconut oil was actually a hot seller.  I had to reach my hand all the way to the back.  And I guess this is the face you make when you do that.

This is the face you make when you don't want other people to get a hold of your Suave stash.

On the next aisle over, I hooked up the kids with some hair care.

Detangler is about as essential as peanut butter in my house.  Maybe because I have to use the detangler to comb out the peanut butter? Bahaha.  Man, motherhood is awesome.

So I'm calling this school shopping experience a win.  Not because we #nailedit necessarily but because I made my kids LOL and we realistically only did about two donuts around the index card display.

Hey, I never said my cart skills were as bodacious as my goofball skills.

See you at the bus stop, where we will have chevron folders, untangled hair and hopefully matching shoes. 

Lindsey Feldpausch


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