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When God Speaks Through Pinterest Quotes

When God Speaks Through Pinterest Quotes

Sometimes God speaks to us in the most unexpected places (ahem, Pinterest!) but when we quiet our hearts to listen to Him, He is sure to fill us with inexplicable peace and joy. Today, let's listen, let's draw close, and follow His call.

Sometimes at night in that moment my head has settled on it's pillow, all my angsty "what I should have/could have done better thoughts" begin pouring in. And sometimes in those moments, I maturely sit with those thoughts, acknowledge them, process them, and even begin making mental checklists of how tomorrow can be better.

I do those grown up things -- sometimes

But let me be really honest, all those other times?

I reach for my phone and quickly pull up Pinterest (or whatever social media outlet is calling my name) -- hoping instead for some kind of beautiful or inspiring distraction. 
Yes, I realize, a slightly less mature option.
{Side note...Can I just say that the one thing I absolutely love about Pinterest is that after a really good pinning session you truly feel and believe that you have been ever so productive in all the things -- cooking, cleaning, crafting, shopping, redecorating -- without ever really having left your bed. Quite lovely if you ask me.

But all in moderation, of course.

So recently, (and maybe it's because we are all ooooooh I don't know....about 56 days into summer vacation which = NO ALONE TIME FOR THIS INTROVERTED-ISH MAMA -- but who's counting???), I was having one of those nights where all I could focus on was what was wrong or hard or what I didn't have that everyone else did, and the "why God, why????" tears began to trickle down my cheeks.

I felt I was losing a friend, losing a parent, losing my identity, losing my purpose...potentially even losing my mind after so many days (years) of battling a strong willed child, and bickering children, that I couldn't for one second be mature enough about things to get my mind straight.

Oh hello Pinterest -- we meet again.

Only this time God was like, "Gurrrrrlllll...Don't even think for one second that I'm letting you hide from me tonight!!!"
And there before my eyes, tucked between 5 Easy Steps to Closet Organization and Bold Brows 101, was this little quote that may as well have started out with, Dear Pouty Little Summer

"She sets her mind on things above, not on earthly things."


Well, he told me, didn't He?

Convicted, I quickly saved the picture, tucked my phone away for the night, and did my best to shift my mind and thoughts "away from the waves, instead to the One who walks on them." 

But when I woke the next morning to more family rejection, more strong willed battles, more insecurities over friendships...I felt the pull, in broad daylight even, to once again retreat to the distractions of my phone.
Yet there again, before my eyes, was the very quote I had just saved the night before.


Receiving His gentle reminder once again, I replaced my phone with my bible and began the diligent work of replacing my troublesome thoughts with His comforting truth. Within moments, I felt such a peace flood my heart and soul in a way that Pinterest could never have provided. 

I often wish this was just a one time correction that took permanent anchor in my soul, but I'm realizing instead that it's truly a moment by moment mindset I have to choose again and again.

>> To set = an action and effort on our part. <<

Or as Rhianna once sang....
"work, work, work, work, work, work..."
(though I think she had different intentions with those lyrics...still they apply here, and might be a good little reminder to sing when it's time to once again get to work, work, work, work, work on our thought lives....)

Yet it's not just in the challenging times of our lives we ought to keep ourselves in check, I'm realizing.
But rather, we must choose this mindset even in the times of life when things seem so good and we think we have it so made and counting our blessings comes easy, one right after another. 

Because our value, our purpose, our identity is not determined by what we have or what we don't, but rather in whose we are and to who we belong to. 

And so it's truly in all times that we have to set our minds on the Lord and all that is eternal, not on what is seen here on earth.

When life feels harder than we prefer... 
When things seem to be different than we had hoped...
Even when life is going well and it seems the blessings are pouring in...

If then you have been raised with Christ, seek the things that are above, where Christ is, seated at the right hand of God. Set your mind on things that are above, not on things that are on earth. Colossians 3:1-2

I love what John MacArthur explains further in his commentary on this very passage: 
"This can also be translated 'think' or 'have this inner disposition.' As a compass points north, the believer's entire disposition should point itself toward the things of heaven." 

Trust me when I say that even though at times, God may still direct you back in your distracted habits and ways, there is a much better way.

In all the moments, day after day, we must choose to intentionally set on our minds on Christ and on what is eternal, by continually being in prayer, studying His word, worshipping together with other believers, and redirecting our distracted hearts and thoughts instead to His promises and truth. 

And in our obedience and worship, we can count on His promises to bring us peace like we've never known before.

I don't know about you, but at this critical point in raising kids, that sounds like quite a lovely promise to me.

Summer Saldana

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