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Shaping Her Heart {New Devotional for Girls}

Shaping Her Heart {New Devotional for Girls}

How can we teach our girls to take all of their questions, doubts and curiosity to their Creator? Helping them to cultivate their own quiet times with God can be challenging, but this devotional can be a great help to all of us as moms!

When my oldest daughter, Alena, was about 6 years old she was in love with all things fashion. I have pictures of her climbing trees in purple tutu’s and clear plastic princess shoes while wearing a huge fuchsia flower and lace headband with turquoise rimmed heart shaped sunglasses.

I dare not post it because she’s 12 now and probably would not appreciate that at all! Although, lately, her wardrobe consists of gym shorts, tie-dye t-shirts, messy buns and sneakers, I have proof that she once considered today’s outfits pajamas only!

During her tutu wearing days, I remember having a lot of interesting and random conversations with my little fashionista. One in particular was about bathing suit options. She wanted to know why I would not let her wear a two-piece. This was not the first time we’d had this conversation. I was explaining to her (again) that it was a choice mommy and daddy had made for her.  She was not at all satisfied with my answer.

She walked away and I thought the conversation was over.

I was wrong.

Not long after this she returned, looked at me casually and said,

“I can’t wait till I am bigger.”

The rest of our exchange went like this:

Me: Oh yeah, why?

Alena: Because then I can make my own choices.

Me: Oh really.

Alena: Yup. I’m not going to drink alcohol…but I’m going to wear a bikini!

Friends, at this very moment I knew that I was in WAY over my head! Now please don’t get me wrong, this is much bigger then whether or not her wearing a two-piece is ok…

The fact is that even as a 6 year old, in spite of the rules I was trying to enforce, she had already begun to form her own system of beliefs. Her little mind was set and it was going to take a lot more than a list of “do’s and don’ts” to affect any true change in her heart.

I am grateful that changing her heart is not actually my job. It’s her Creators.

Our children will inevitably ask questions, doubt assumptions and challenge our rules, however, as parents, God has called us to set the environment, be the example and provide them with tools that draw them into relationship with Him. 

That’s when we get to watch Him work, as His Word becomes alive and active in their world.

I wrote You’re God’s Girl Devotional with my girls and yours in mind. 

I pray that our girls will take all of their questions, doubts and curiosity to their creator. 

You're God's Girl is a resource designed to draw our girls into a growing relationship with Jesus!

You’re God’s Girl includes daily devotions written directly to your girl’s heart and will help her discover God’s truth—who He made her to be, how unique and special she is, and how she fits into her world.

You’re God’s Girl Devotions Include:

Why Does God Take His Name So Seriously?

What Is Faith and Why Do I Need It?

How Do I Speak “Love”?

Am I Part of God’s Story?

How Could God Know What It Is Like to Be Me?

You’re God’s Girl is available in stores and online:


 Barnes & Nobles

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