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4 Reasons to Give Your Husband a Massage This Father's Day

guest post from Emma Merkas of Melt

Men are hard to buy for. For us women, it’s easy to find appropriate gifts. Easier than men think. We appreciate the thoughtfulness in all sorts of items from flowers and chocolates to jewelry to spa vouchers. With Father’s Day coming up, you may be struggling for gift ideas beyond new socks and pajamas. If there’s one thing I know you can do to truly honor the father of your children this month, it’s to give him a massage.

Of course, Father’s Day is first and foremost a chance for your children to thank their Dad for everything he does for them. But it’s also a chance for you to thank him. Don’t miss the chance to honor your man yourself as well… and after the kids are tucked up in bed is the perfect time! Most people love a good massage. And who better to treat your hubby to one than you, with your own two hands?

Massage between couples is a beautiful experience. It’s something my husband and I have been doing for each other for over a decade now. It has become a ritual for birthdays and special occasions, as well as a treat for each other for no reason at all, or whenever we feel like our relationship could do with some additional TLC. In fact, it has been so effective for our marriage that now we teach couples all around the globe how to massage. Because we truly believe every single relationship can benefit from including it in their daily lives.

I am not a qualified Massage Therapist, but my husband Denis is. Even though I’m a complete amateur, he still loves the massages I give him at home. Why? Well, I have a little secret weapon that blows every other massage therapist out of the water. As his wife, I bring romance and intimacy to our massages. Denis is the one that has taught me everything I know when it comes to my massage techniques. And over the past 10 years, I’ve ensured I get lots of practice refining my skills. 

Massage is beautifully simple when you know where to rub and how to do it. And scientifically speaking, it does incredible things for your relationship.

Here are four reasons your man needs a massage this Father’s Day from you:

1.    Giving a Massage is Generous, and Kind.

Marriages are built on generosity and kindness between partners. Selflessly gifting him with a massage, using your own hands, ticks so many boxes for a couple’s connection.

You’re spending quality time together, you’re building a physical connection, you’re allowing him a chance to relax, and you’re honoring him with a generous act of service.

2.    Massage is Romantic

Do you need some romance in your life? If you have children, chances are yes. If you’re not still in your honeymoon period, chances are yes. Romance is not always easy to come by in long-term relationships, sometimes we need to engineer it ourselves. Massage is the perfect remedy. Candles, dim lighting, soft music, massage oil, quiet intimacy.

3. Massage Supercharges Trust

Trust is the cornerstone to any good marriage, and is one of those things you really never can have too much of. Building trust is continuous work, and it’s been proven that one of the most effective ways to achieve it is through massage and gentle touch. It’s a powerful experience to share. 

4. Massage creates effortless intimacy

Intimacy is essentially about being emotionally close to another person, and it is not actually a forgone conclusion in your relationship. Intimacy needs to be vigilantly and tenaciously cultivated in marriages. Intimacy is about vulnerability while still feeling safe. It’s formed in private moments, through sharing experiences. You can cultivate your intimate connection by spending time alone as a couple, focused only on each other (read: put away the smartphones!). This of course could be achieved in any number of ways, though I can tell you massage is a particularly effective route.


Prep time: 10 minutes.

At Melt – we’ve created these punny printables – think of it as a treasure hunt for him!

We didn’t want to take the focus away from the kids on Father’s Day, so instead we’ve created these cryptic clues that he can find throughout the day to help build some mystery and fun. And of course they lead to an adorably sweet and fun back rub.

Imagine this, stuck on the bathroom mirror, under his coffee cup and above the toilet are the cryptic clues – as the day unfolds he begins to ask, “what are you up to…?” you smile and say “figure it out.” The more he asks, the more excitement builds. The mystery is what you’re looking to create. If he’s asking questions, you’ve already won Father’s Day. If the kids are asking questions, even better!! Don’t let up – keep it quiet.

At the end of the treasure hunt, he discovers a bottle of massage oil – if you don’t have any at home already, it’s super cheap to buy. Once the kids are off to bed, you can give him a little 5 minute back rub using our instructional videos. If everyone is too tired, or the kids are not asleep yet, a kiss and a cuddle and a cute IOU voucher with a whisper of “I cannot wait to get my hands on you later this week” is the perfect way to end a fabulous Father’s Day. IOU vouchers are included when you purchase Melt.


Melt: Massage for Couples teaches couples the art of a great back rub via streaming online video tutorials. You can learn to massage in your own living room, using our proven techniques and tricks.

Melt is currently on sale for Father’s Day – we’re offering our Foot Rub videos as a free bonus when you get lifetime access to the video tutorials.  This offer ends June 19th.

Melt comes with a risk-free, 60-Day money back guarantee. Or opt for our super cheap payment plan of $22 per month for your lifetime access.

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Emma Merkas is an Australian relationships and marriage writer and the co-founder - along with her husband Denis - of Melt: Massage for Couples, a beautiful online video series that teaches couples the secrets to an amazing massage. Emma and Denis have been married for seven years, and they have been teaching couples the art of massage for more than a decade. Every now and then they massage each other, too!



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