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Get Your Pretty On {review & giveaway}

Get Your Pretty On {review & giveaway}

I need help- styling help that is. There are many times a stranger could snap a picture of me and use it as an example of what not to do with clothing.  Style isn’t a high priority for me. I enjoy good style- don’t get me wrong and I appreciate other women who dress cute.  I even enjoy the creativity involved in putting several pieces together.

What I lack is motivation, follow-through and some sort of plan.  When I go to the store, I just buy things that I either really like, or things I really need.  Doing this results in a wardrobe of items instead of outfits.  So, I can be honest enough to admit that this isn’t really working for me.

I’ve thought about doing a shopping program of some kind, but I didn’t like that I wouldn’t experience the joy of putting outfits together on my own, or being able to try things on at my own pace, or buying things from my own favorite stores at the price I like.

I haven’t really seen a solution to these types of problems, until now!

I give you, Get Your Pretty On, (GYPO) a program that delivers a shopping list for items that you can mix & match as well as capsule wardrobe essentials.  You get 21 days of outfit ideas and access to a community with over a thousand women, of all ages and sizes, that you can bounce ideas off of, share tips and receive advice.

Each season, you have an opportunity to purchase the new shopping list and ensemble suggestions. With the opening of each new season, a new Facebook community opens and the previous season’s community closes.  The beauty of this is that each new season of women have a new chance to get to know each other and a new chance to see how different outfits look on “real women” who signed up for the very same thing as you.

This is a styling program, not a shopping program.  You get to buy your own clothes in the particular cuts that look best on you.   This flexibility is my favorite part.

Do you struggle to pick out the right clothes and put outfits together?? Help is here!

My second favorite part of this program is the Facebook community.  Within the Facebook group you can find women who bought 4 different maxi dresses who are in need of another woman to tell her which one looks best.  You can find women showing off the shoes that they found at a particular store on clearance. 

These women all received the same styling suggestions for the season, but it is so neat to see how each woman took those ideas and made it their own.  If a yellow thin striped shirt was suggested, you’ll find women with various colors or widths of that same striped shirt, but basically they all executed the same outfit.  I love this concept, don’t you?

One of the final aspects of this program that excites me is the fact that I already have several of these items (from the suggested shopping lists) in my closet.  I don’t enjoy spending too much time on Pinterest, so having someone email me all the outfits I should be wearing for this current season and having advice from fellow fashionistas (and maybe even future friends) seems like a great way to fix my styling dilemmas!

Do you struggle to pick out the right clothes and put outfits together?? Help is here!

I hope you’ll enjoy giving GYPO a try this season as they just opened up their summer styling challenge!  You can sign up by clicking HERE!

This summer, if a stranger snaps a picture of me, I hope they’ll find that I’ve got a little more “pretty on” than last season ;) Here’s to you getting YOUR pretty on too!

Blessings, Lindsey Feldpausch  

Okay, now’s your chance to win one of two free memberships for the Summer 2016 GYPO Style Challenge! 

Enter to win below!

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