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5 Points to Remember When Life Is Changing

5 Points to Remember When Life Is Changing

Are you approaching big changes or transition? When life seems out of control or departs from our norm, it can be difficult as moms to keep our focus on God and what we need to do to help our kiddos through change too. Here are five things to keep in mind to keep a healthy perspective.

You’ve read the saying, “If you don’t like the season you’re in, don’t worry! It will soon change.” And maybe you’ve chuckled to yourself. Or maybe you’ve thought you could hardly wait. Either way, when you’re living in a state of transition, having a few solid thoughts can make or break daily living. Today I wanted to share 5 points to remember when life is changing.

1.       A season is just that- a season.

Nothing lasts forever, right? Last year at this time, my season of life was totally different. And if you think back to your life even just a year ago, although the climate may be similar, many of the circumstances of your life have changed. When you get the feeling of being stuck in a season, recognize that this problem or issue is not going to last forever.

2.       Transition is often messy.

If you come to my house on a big laundry day, you will see clothing everywhere in the kitchen and dining room. My washer and dryer are in the basement and there is no space for a folding area or table. When I have many loads of laundry to do due to travelling for a few days or extensive family activities, then I use the dining room table to fold laundry. I don’t leave the laundry there for days. Just one. But while I’m working that day, things look crazy. It’s temporary. And so are changes in life. Appreciate work in progress!

3.       A little rejuvenation can go a long way.

Find the little things that keep you going and enjoy them. Whether it’s a glass of green tea or reading for ten minutes, doing something small that you enjoy can make all the difference in your outlook through various seasons of life. My daughter suffers from a rare metabolic disorder and this is one of the factors that encouraged me to begin Bible journaling. I enjoy this so much now!

4.       Narrowing your focus decreases change-induced stress.

When my to-do list is super long, then I shorten it to just a few items for a focus list. The focus list is what I will do right now or within the next few hours. When those 5 or 6 items are marked off, then I create a new focus list. Sometimes this is just a post-it note on top of my list. When I look at a long list, I have a tendency to get overwhelmed. When I look at a short list, then I know “This is what I need to do right now.”

5.       Praying for strength can change your perspective of the change.

If you feel ready to give up on that difficult relationship… or Bible study you want to finish… or relative who just won’t listen, then remember to pray for the strength to press on. Where God guides, he provides.   I don’t know who said that, but I whisper it to myself frequently.

And so I whisper it to you today.

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