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Hoodwinked Moms Book Club {Week 3}

Welcome to week THREE of The Hoodwinked Book Club!!! 

This Thursday we will be discussing chapters 6-7 of Hoodwinked: Ten Myths Moms Believe and Why We All Need to Knock It Off.

We will cover these myths of motherhood:

A Good Mother Can Do It All, All at Once
Motherhood is a Rat Race

Below are this week’s questions. But remember, don’t answer them on this post. We will take your answers and have discussion on Thursday. They are just posted here so you can be thinking about them as you read.

Chapter 6 Questions:

  • We’ve all experienced the temptation to be a one-woman band, carrying around a bunch of instruments, talents and tasks. What do you think is at the heart of us wanting to be and do so much?
  • What’s something you are doing right now that you don’t even feel God’s conviction to do, but you’re doing because a “super-mom” would do this and you feel you should? Are you willing to let it go?
  • How do you practice rest in the consistent rhythm of your household? What scriptures do you focus on to quiet your anxious thoughts?

Chapter 7 Questions:

  • Describe one thing from the past you feel you missed out on just because you were rushing.
  • What is something you will do today to make it count for Christ?
  •  Have you ever met someone who possessed the attributes of peace and purposefulness? What have they taught you?

Looking forward to discussing with you Thursday! See you then!


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