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8 Fun Ways To Tell Your Husband You Are Pregnant!

8 Fun Ways To Tell Your Husband You Are Pregnant!

I recently found out that I am pregnant with our third child! With my husband’s birthday being so close I thought it would be fun to surprise him with the gift of knowledge! I wrapped up the positive test in a pretty box and wrote him a poem that shared my heart for our family. You can read the poem HERE.

We were already planning on heading out for an adventure to celebrate his birthday at the Tulip Farm near Salem, Oregon. I waited until I got there to give him the most sweetest gift I could. He was very surprised and couldn’t believe that our family would be growing so soon after we just had our second. It was a fun and extremely joyous day. If you want to see a recap and my husband’s reaction you can watch our Family Vlog of our day at the Tulip Farm! Click Here To Watch!

Finding out you are expecting a baby is one of the great joys of motherhood! So how do you break the news to family and friends...and more importantly, your husband?! We've got some great ideas to inspire you today. Join us and share some of your own announcements with our community.

Children are such a blessing! When we find out our families are growing we should celebrate, and being the mom, the one carrying, we usually find out first, which means we have the opportunity to get creative in how we let our husband’s in on the little secret.

I thought it would be fun to make a list of ways of sharing the good news with our husbands! If you have surprised your husband with a creative way of telling him you are pregnant please share in the comments!

8 Fun Ways To Let Your Husband Know You Are Pregnant

1. Surprise him with a test! Wrap up a positive pregnancy test. You can do this simply or have fun with it by putting it in a small box that is inside of another box and another box to keep the anticipation high!

2. Gift your husband a box of donuts. Grab a dozen of his favorite donuts and on the inside lid of the box share a sweet message revealing the surprise. If you have other kids this is a great way to surprise them too! You can write out something fun like “Eat up! Mommy doesn’t want to be the only one with a belly!”

3. Change the wallpaper. When your husband puts his phone down, quickly change his wallpaper to a picture of you holding a sign pointing to the baby saying something sweet. See how long it takes for him to realize the special addition that is coming.

4. Catch his reaction. Set up a fake video message. Tell your husband you two were asked to send a video of encouragement to a friend or family member, but instead say “I’m pregnant!” This is so fun and you will have his reaction forever.

5. Photo shoot & chalk board fun. Get two chalk boards and have a friend take pics to grab the look on your husband’s face. Stand back to back and ask him to write one thing he loves about you. On yours be sure to let him know he is going to be a daddy...again!

6. Write it at the bottom of his coffee cup! Decorate a coffee cup with the words “We are having a baby!” When he gets to the bottom he is sure to be surprised. And this gift is a treasure he can keep, love, and use, especially after baby arrives.

7. Fun picture of your kids announcing the new baby! If you already have a child or children, let your kids in on the surprise by taking a fun picture and sending it to dad at his work!

8. Scavenger hunt. Get your kids involved or utilize a date night and set up a mini scavenger hunt for him. Give sweet clues and encourage him to get to the final destination.  

Having a baby is an incredible blessing for a husband and wife. Let us celebrate the good news and have fun with it! However, don't feel overwhelmed by the thought of needing to do something special. When I found out we were pregnant with our second, I could hear my husband struggling to feed our son in the kitchen, I was super emotional, and I finally decided to come out of the bathroom with tears in my eyes telling him straight forward...we are having another baby! I also added with a smile that it was never going to be easy, but extremely worth it.  

Parenting can be hard. Yet, I know it refines us in a beautiful way and it can strength our marriage if we let it. I am so thankful for The Better Mom community and the awesome reminders and encouragement that parenting is a beautiful thing...a true and wonderful gift from God. 


Jennifer Smith,

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