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How to Protect Your Family from EMF

How to Protect Your Family from EMF

I care deeply about the food we eat, the chemicals we expose ourselves to and the overall way we take care of ourselves. I am not naive when it comes to how different our world is then it was 100 years ago. Things have changed rapidly and I believe that with each change, we have a responsibility as human beings to educate ourselves and have an awareness of our way of life, including what we eat and what we expose ourselves to.

Because this is a passion of mine I was intrigued when Defendershield asked me to review their products. Mostly because I had heard the rumblings of the effects our cell-phones and wi-fi have on us, but had not had a chance to explore the topic any further. 

Now this topic is far and wide, but I think the bottom line is this: EMF is something that we need to be aware of and we need to take the proper precautions to protect ourselves from. 

What is EMF and Why is it harmful?

EMF is short for Electromagnetic Frequencies. Over the past two decades, there has been an explosion of compact, portable electronic devices. We are surrounded by our devices. Laptops sit on our laps and cell phones are in our pocket against our body or directly against our head when held to our ear. This means we are in direct contact with increased levels of Electromagnetic Radiation in the form of Extremely Low Frequency and Radio Frequency radiation as well as heat radiation. Studies have shown that our exposure to heat and radiation can cause numerous health issues. For all the details click here

“I do think that the amount of radiation exposure we get these days is exponentially higher than we did 15, 20 years ago. So anything you can do to limit your exposure to radiation is a good idea. But I don’t think you need to give up any of these products. I try not to put the laptop directly on my lap, I try not to put the cellphone directly to my ear.” Dr. Sanjay Gupta, CNN

How can you protect yourself and your family?

Okay I am going to be totally honest here. I had NO idea that a company and products like this existed. Like I mentioned above, I had only heard the rumblings of the effects of EMF, but hadn't really researched the topic. What an awesome surprise it was for me to receive an email from DefenderShield asking me to give an honest review of their products! But here's the thing. DefenderShield didn't want to just promote their products to sell more, they really have a passion to educate our culture on the harmful effects of EMF. I love that.

DefenderShield really goes above and beyond. This brand is impeccable. I feel like I was able to try out the best of the best. Why do I think it is a top-notch brand? DefenderShield Blocks 100% of Electromagnetic Radiation (EMF) from laptops, tablets and cell phones with the most effective EMF radiation shielding ever developed. 100%!! DefenderShield® technology blocks Extremely Low Frequency (ELF) radiation which is emitted by electronic device components such as processors and memory. DefenderShield® also blocks Radio Frequency (RF) radiation emissions which include WiFi, Bluetooth and cellular signals. They are backed by FCC certified lab testing, a family company, and made in the USA.

To help you get started with products to protect your family, I am excited to offer a few of DefenderShields products as a giveaway! This weekend I am giving away 1 DefenderShield product of your choice to 3 winners! Each winner can choose one of the following: laptop shield, phone shield, or tablet shield. Enter to win in the rafflecopter below!

Also....if you want to start protecting your family now DefenderShield has some great sales going on. DefenderShield has also offered a promo code exclusively for our community: enter promo code BETTERMOM for an extra 10% off and free shipping!!! Just click here to check them out---> DefenderShield Product Sale





This post is generously sponsored by DefenderShield. As always, I only recommend products when I’ve used them personally and all opinions are my own. For full disclosure, click here.

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