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An Honest Review of (Been There, Loved That)

This is unprecedented! This is the first review for where I have previously used the product/service that I am assigned to review! Most often I am given new products that I am unfamiliar with or have not previously tried. About 3 years ago our family had a subscription to We LOVED it. I will tell you about our experience and then some facts on what to expect with your subscription.

Before I ever purchased a subscription for IXL, I saw an ad and decided to click through. I wanted to see what the website had to offer. IXL allows you to have 10 free practice questions a day. I decided that every day for a few months, my kids could each do a handful questions and we could find out if IXL was right for our family. 

This is one thing that I enjoyed then, that they still offer now-- a free trial everyday! You can try the site before you purchase anything and you have access to all the skills so that you can accurately test any given grade or subject. I was able to gauge my kid's interest level while also taking note of the comprehensive list of skills.

Our family decided to purchase a subscription for a year. We used the site daily and near the end of our year, IXL also added Language Arts.

Now IXL offers math, language arts, science and social studies! (SCORE!)

So let me tell you five of our favorite things about IXL (then and now):

  1. IXL is mobile friendly. The view and optimization for an iPad is exceptional. It is user friendly, colorful and I don't remember having many glitches at all.

       2. IXL reads to your child! If your child is too young to read, he or she can tap an icon and the computer will read the question! This allows young ones to work independently!

       3. Each child gets their own account and avatar. 

       4. My kids loved earning new awards. They are like stickers, except it's a surprise! My kids got excited every time! It seems simple since it's only a picture of an item that is added to their award board, but you will watch your kids continue practicing as they work toward discovering all their award pictures!

       5. IXL tells the student why he or she got a problem wrong. This may be one of the best aspects of this site. 

My daughter was having a hard time with a math skill, she kept getting some problems right and then a few problems wrong. IXL tracks which problems your child is struggling with and will not allow them to complete the skill until it is mastered. I love how they rotate the problems and repeat the problematic ones until the student understands. 

Here are some facts about an IXL subscription:

Another key consideration is customer service. Early on, we needed to switch our password and experienced difficulty for some reason. When we contacted customer service, they were kind and promptly fixed the problem! 

Here are some more screen shots from the IXL site:

This is only a portion of the skills! I love how thorough everything is!

This is only a portion of the skills! I love how thorough everything is!

So many wonderful pages, features, skills and enhancements have been added in the past few years, since our initial subscription! Everything is clear, current and colorful. Your subscription will stay up to date and you can enjoy any updates when they are added!

The site is well designed!

The site is well designed!

If I had a top ten list of my favorite homeschool resources, this site would be on it and near the top! I am thankful that homeschool moms don't have to do things alone. Whether we lean into our community, local tutors, family, libraries, superb online resources or all of the above (let's be honest, the answer is definitely "all of the above.") We always have options when homeschooling. This is an option I'd encourage you to pursue. Go to their site and try out a few problems! Hover over the skills to see a preview of new problems. 

I hope you like what you find. I know we have!

Random fun fact, when I was practicing the states with my daughter before writing this review, I realized that I had Colorado and Wyoming mixed up on the map. But thanks to IXL showing me where I was wrong, I do now know that Wyoming is north of Colorado. ;)

All those square states are hard to decipher for this Michigander.

Cozy in the Mitten, 

Lindsey Feldpausch :)

You can click this picture to find out which membership package might be best for your family!

You can click this picture to find out which membership package might be best for your family!

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post. Opinions are 100% my own.

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