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When Anger is the Red Thread in Your Story

When Anger is the Red Thread in Your Story

No one ever wants to admit that they have the red thread of anger running through their story.

It's a confession that comes with a crimson shade of embarrassment, guilt, confusion, and frustration. 

That red thread is like the one embedded on a package, designed to release the contents with one pull — except for those of us battling anger, we pray that thread won’t ever be snagged. If only we could prevent the external pressures and triggers, whether it’s a spilled glass of milk, an interruption in the schedule, or a combative loved one.

We can't control the outside, but we can certainly tend to the inside.

Isn't it amazing how external factors can irritate our inner most parts of our hearts and minds causing an uncontainable and totally regrettable eruption of emotions.

But there's hope to change that eruption.

Yes, my friend, it is possible to change.

How do I know? Well, while the red thread runs deep in my life story, it no longer has the power over me that it once did. I used to be a hot-tempered, over-reacting, clean up this pig-sty hollering type of mom. But I’m not any more, and it’s not because my kids are older or life is better. Trust me . . . mothering a red-thread teenage daughter is as challenging now as it was when she was a tot.

So how did I change? Well, let's say first and foremost . . . but by the grace of God. It started with pursuing God honestly, digging deep into His word, and seeking the help of godly counselor. Over a number of years, God unpacked from my heart and mind all the memories and beliefs that triggered me again and again. But it wasn't simply an  intentional healing journey that lead to a diffusing of my anger. It was also the pursuit of putting in action new habits built off biblical truths — this is what I call the Trap & Transform Principle which Meet the New You: A 21-day Plan for Fresh Attitudes and Focused Habits for Real Life Change is built upon — as well as getting to know my God-giving wiring so that I could work with His design, instead of against it.  



I am sure that if I had never been through any trauma or heart-hurting experience, I would likely be prone to anger as that passion is part of my temperament.  As I tell my daughter, when it's yielded to God, it's a beautiful thing. When it's not . . . well there's the problem. See, that's why I still have the red thread of anger running through my life — it tells a story of where I've come from, of how I'm made, and of the way God wants to use me.

When our lives are laid down before God, submitted to His work, His way, for His glory, He can redeem every part of our regrettable story or present day challenge. Oh yes, He can take that red thread of anger and weave it into a testimony of His faithfulness and transforming power. 

Is it time for you to yield to the process of transformation and embrace the long-haul work of seeing God change you from the inside out?

Stop by for 5 Practical Steps for a Red Thread Club Member that will encourage you as you deal with your anger.


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