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The Misfortune, Manifestation and Revelation of Onesiphorus Wood {Book Review}

Summer has just begun here in the Midwest, and my 13-year old son is about to have a lot of free time on his hands.  I love that he suddenly has time to mow the lawn, play wiffle ball in the backyard, swim, and ride bikes with friends.  The former teacher in me, though, really wants to see him read lots and lots of books this summer!

He’s pretty open to book suggestions from me, but I have to be careful.  If the story’s too slow, too boring, too descriptive, or too long, he’s likely to abandon it quickly and ask for something more “interesting.”  

If you have a teenage boy or girl like mine, I suggest handing them The Misfortune, Manifestation, and Revelation of Onesiphorus Wood by C.E. Danielson.  The title alone will immediately grab their attention!

The unlikely “hero” of the story is a teenage boy named Onesiphorus (Onee for short).  At the beginning of the story, Onee is experiencing some typical teenage angst; asking questions like why am I here, what is the purpose of my life, and why does my life seem worse than everyone else’s?

Through a series of crazy dreams in which he participates in Bible stories, God shows Onee that he’s missing the love and forgiveness of a heavenly Father and that his purpose involves having a real relationship with that Father.  Onee suffers some bizarre side effects from the dreams, which leads to some fast-paced adventures for him and his best friend, Dee.  

I think my teenager (and yours) will appreciate several things about this book:

•Onee and his friend Dee are just plain fun, and they model true friendship as they attempt to solve the mystery of the dreams and side effects.  Dee sticks by her friend through thick and thin, even risking her life for him.  

•Between the dreams and the real-life adventures, the story moves quickly.  Onee and Dee run from the police, disguise themselves, ride a bus across the country, and break out of a hospital, among (many) other things.  

•Although Onee finds himself right in the middle of familiar Bible stories, it doesn’t seem corny or cliched.  The author does a great job of painting the scenes realistically, with plenty of tension and suspense.  

•The language in this book is aimed at teens.  Onee talks like a teenager and uses plenty of slang and figurative language (similes and metaphors abound).  Please note that a couple of the phrases might be offensive to some families.  

The Misfortune, Manifestation, and Revelation of Onesiphorus Wood might just be the perfect book to jumpstart my teenager’s summer reading program!  Dreams, adventures, suspense, true friendship, and the beautiful message of a loving God all combine to make this novel a winner for teens.

****A special note from C.E. Danielson****

The recommended age for this book is 12 and older. As with all literature, I encourage parents and or guardians to pre-read books prior to allowing their children to read them. This ensures the child will not be exposed to anything you may feel is inappropriate. Please keep in mind this book also contains Bible truth and touches on the issue of Sodom and Gomorrah and their sins. If children have not been introduced to this story's details and why they were punished, the subject and dialogue may not be appropriate. Use your best judgment, uphold your family values, and with all you do and every decision you make, pray for guidance and direction from our Heavenly Father. Thank you!

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April Huard

April Huard

April has been married for 18 years to her husband, Scott, an elementary-school principal. Together they are raising 5 kids ranging in age from toddler to teens. A voracious reader, she teaches high-school literature classes at a homeschool co-op. In addition to books, April enjoys cooking, coffee, and traveling with her family.

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