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Mario's Golden Locket {Children's Book Review & Giveaway!}

I want to share a fun children's book with you that share's a crucial message of truth from the Bible that our children need to know. 

Mario's Golden Locket is a sweet, children's book to help serve as a starting place for teaching important, biblical concepts to children. 

So many children love stories with animals in it, so it's sure to capture the attention of the children in your home. 

As the story progresses, the King in the story says some powerful words to the sheep that really spoke to me! He said, 

You have believed a lie. What is important is what I say about you. That’s what is true. You must guard your heart and protect the word that I’ve written on it.

You see, every animal in the kingdom was given a locket shaped as a heart from the King, with truth written on the inside of it. Mario, the sheep, was looking for a playmate but no one would play with him. One of the animals said that he was dumb because he was a sheep. And everyone knows sheep are dumb. As soon as Mario believed that lie, it was written on his heart (in his locket).

What a powerful story for our children who are navigating the rough waters of other children who often speak mean words more than encouraging words to one another. Our children need to know they are valuable and where their worth comes from. 

Leading our children to their identity in Christ is a powerful truth that will help them live with confidence because they know what The True King really thinks about them. 

That's what the message of Mario's Golden Locket is.

Click here to watch a video sharing more insights about this sweet children's book.  

Additionally, this website has some great resources to help you take it a step further as you read to your children. 


We want to give away FIVE copies of Mario's Golden Locket and we hope you'll join us in spreading the word about this important message!

Gary and Cathy Stalling are a homeschooling, missionary family living in Uruguay. They oversee Fields of the Fatherless , a ministry dedicated to making disciples to spread the Gospel. 

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