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There are many things in this world that God will use to refine us and transform us into the women God created us to be. Two of the greatest roles we have, being a wife and mother, do this on a daily basis for all of us. These relationships we have are intimate and dear to our hearts, but they also challenge our character and reflect areas in our lives that might need to be improved upon.

When I first got married, I thought I was close to perfect! I know this might sound ridiculous, but I truly believed that the conflict my husband and I faced in those early years were all because of him! I blamed him often.

Then God began to reveal to me how my actions were a contributing factor and that I was not as “good” as I thought I was. In fact, I was a very large part of the contention we experienced.

As I interacted with my husband, his responses reflected how I was hurting him. He had the same properties as a mirror and I began to see myself more clearly.

In my new book, The Unveiled Wife, I share my journey as a new wife and how God unveiled my eyes so that I could better understand how marriage refines us and makes us better. But also how that journey may involve pain, frustration, and a wide range of other emotions. My greatest area of weakness was confronting my sin and repenting of it so that I operated in righteousness. This process of recognizing my sin and repenting was refining and restoring!

I am opening up in my book, sharing how we fell in love, how we fell out of love and almost divorced, and then how God redeemed our love. My hope is to encourage wives on their journey of marriage and inspire them to embrace intimacy with God and their husband regardless of circumstances or how they feel.

I believe it is crucial that we invest in our roles of marriage and motherhood by reading books, blogs, going to conferences when we can, and soaking up any and every resource we possibly can so that God can transform and shape our hearts, character, and the way we love our closest family. It is a continual process!

For when I became a mom after 5 years of marriage, my child began reflecting other areas in me that needed to be improved upon. Our most intimate relationships will influence us the most. We need to be equipped to handle the responsibility of our roles as wives and as mothers.

Saturday March 14th I will be hosting a live webcast in celebration of my book releasing where we will dive into topics on marriage and motherhood! Two other Better Mom contributors will join me Lisa Jacobson and Kara Chupp, along with my friend Angie Tolpin. You are not going to want to miss this!

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